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Friday, June 28, 2019

Tall Red-Eyed Humanoid Encountered in Oakland, CA

I recently found the following account:

I was driving home with my brother between 12 and 2 AM. I had just gotten on the highway and in the middle divider of the road my headlights shined on giant man at least 8 to 9 feet tall and his skin was all charcoal grey. He wasn't broad, (I couldn't see his body because it looked like he was wearing a large black trench coat or cloak of some kind) but I'd imagine he would have been around 200-250 pounds from how his head looked. He also had red glowing eyes, which seemed like they glowed on their own and weren't just reflecting my headlights since I could still seem them once my lights were no longer shining on him.

I was driving at least 50-60mph so I only saw him for a few seconds. It almost looked like he was shocked to see me and was shuffling back into the bushes but he was almost as tall as them. The way he walked creeped me out the most, he was sidestepping but they were fast really short steps like if you had to walk with your pants around your ankles or a were a penguin or something.

I yelled "what the f**k!" and my brother, who was laying back in his seat sat up, looked over and said "what the f**k!" too. We were both rattled but kept on driving home

This was in Oakland, CA in August 2017. I don't remember the exact date but I could probably find out since someone I know had a wedding a few days before.

Below is a really bad drawing of what he looked like and a maps link to the part of the highway I saw him on. I don't remember the exact place but it was somewhere on that stretch of highway - Derateo

NOTE: Is it possible that this being had wings wrapped around it? Possibly similar to the Bolingbrook, IL encounter? I put that question to the witness...waiting for a reply. Lon

Google Maps location

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