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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Huge 'Roar' at Moulton Falls State Park, WA

An anonymous man from Vancouver, Washington wrote to tell of his experience at Moulton Falls State Park:

“I'm now living in Vancouver, Washington in the south of the state. Last summer (2015) it was very hot so I decided to take my mother swimming up a road that heads east from Moulton Falls State Park Road. I suck with the media aspect of these things but the Google Maps will show you exactly where this happened, that I can convey at least clearly. Hit the Earth button so you can see the trees. The first, that is where the flagger gal (road crew) and us were. That was on our way back which was west, from swimming, which is important, as you can see. The other is where the cliff base on the north side which is where I first heard the sound of a large limb dragging into the soil.

So, I'll admit, I was going super slow with my head hanging out the window just because I love the beauty and smells out there. And I also love shared cliff-sides for the moss and ferns. I heard two distinct scruffs from what must have been a very large animal but it was up the cliff about 20 to 30 feet, maybe more. So I leaned in and told my mom and, of course, she wasn't with me during a crazy number in the past (a prior paranormal experience) but was no skeptic but fearful, in a good way. So I sped up immediately, just out of caution just in case there was large crazy bear that was going up or down. I knew in my mind that that was a Bigfoot. My spidey-sense with a previous experience left me no doubt, so I continued on to the swimming spot about a mile or two up the road.

As we walked down the river, I was smacking my walking stick rather hard on to the trees to alert predators, deer and as well as Bigfoot. Yeah, it's stupid, I know, but... We were there thirty minutes total and then I suggested we leave as it was getting later in the day and I was spooked out there, obviously. Now comes the scary part.

We were cruising past the cliff base again and I'm going faster this time. Yes, I was scared deep down. We rounded down the bend, where a small road crew was working. We observed them doing finishing touches, probably like four people total, three on a machine and one flagger gal at the base of this hill to protect them. Now, where she is standing, there is a home about fifty to a hundred feet just north of it we rolled to a stop and I went to ask her if we could roll on and right then there was a roar that filled the woods, like a big gorilla which was just north of that home in the woods. My mom and I looked at each other and I said, 'What the fark was that?' And she didn't know either. The thing is, the young flagger gal, who looked like she might have been 18 or so, did not flinch, did not show any emotions. No facial expressions, just a blank stare. But not like totally out of it but she just didn't react at all. So I asked her if she heard that and, get this, she did not say anything. She just had that blank look on her face. None of the other workers stopped working either. She then said, 'You can go.' I rolled really slow for a hundred feet and looked in the mirror the whole time expecting something to happen. She was just standing there staring straight ahead into the woods, facing south away from the roar. Then she looked at us and stared for five seconds or so. Then she just resumed staring into the woods. My mother and I were pretty scared at this point, so I sped up. We got out of Dodge.

The sheer animosity in that roar and the sheer power conveyed in it was indescribable, like a large ape or a large hominid or something I've never heard before. And my mother agrees, it had to be Bigfoot. Some of the other stories from that area put mine to shame but I must say they do seem quite territorial up there judging by that roar. I want to go out to the spot where I heard it digging but I have to admit, I'm a bit frightened to a degree to do so.”

Source: Darkness Radio – September 2, 2016

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