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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Horse-Headed Humanoid Confronted in Glenview, Illinois

“I guess I'll tell you my once ever encounter? So in 1972, in the fall, I did a sleepover at a friend's house on the edge of Glenview, Illinois. We had the house to ourselves as my friend Pete's parents were out for dinner. Their house was along the edge of forest preserve land along the Des Plaines river. They had a row of tall bushes along the back of their property and on the other side was the forest and about a half mile or less, the river.

It was a Friday night and we had been watching a horror movie on a local station waiting for his parents to get home. We were in a ground level family room with a large sliding glass door. They had a floodlight above the door, which was on, and both white sheer curtains and heavier drapes. These were partially open, but the sheer curtains were closed. The movie had ended, and it was after 11:00 and we were expecting his parents home soon. A large shadow moved in front of the sliding glass door, which scared us but Pete said it was probably his older brother, who was still living at home but out with his girlfriend and was trying to scare us. We thought we could scare or startle him ourselves and grabbed our glasses with soda and ice to throw at him, got ourselves on either side of the drapes and pulled the shears back quick to open the sliding door and throw our drinks at him. So, we did pull back the drapes and immediately froze, totally shocked by what we saw.

The creature was standing about 3 or 4 feet back and was taller than the door looking down towards the window. It was humanoid, with dark reddish-brown skin and short fur from the midsection of the body down. Muscular, ridiculously strong looking arms with big hands, also skin and no fur that I can remember. I don't remember any details of the hands, just that they were big. But the head and face, I will never forget that. Makes me sweat still today. It was a horse's head, with yellow eyes. Square teeth, but the mouth was longer, like the jaw hinges went further back then a true horse. I couldn't ream or talk or anything. Neither did Pete. I couldn't move. Pete let go of the shear and the thing bent down, bringing it's face closer and then I finally let go of my half of the curtain shear and we both yelled and ran into the kitchen, grabbing kitchen knives and hiding under the kitchen table.

About 5 minutes passed, or so it seemed and then we heard the garage open. It was his parents returning. We told them what happened, we were freaked out and while I didn't think they believed us, Pete's dad grabbed a flashlight and a baseball bat and checked the yard. We watched from the kitchen window, which faced into the back yard. He came in after about 20 minutes and said there was nothing out there now, but he had found tracks between two of the bushes.

The next morning, he showed us the spot and there was one mostly intact track that was long and kind of narrow, with what looked like a big toe and another pad? As if all the remaining toes were one piece. All I know is that if that was a costume, it was the best I've ever seen. It wasn't his brother, as he had stayed with his girlfriend overnight. And Pete's dad was pretty shook up, telling us later that he had heard strange noises in the woods when he had gone to investigate. I still live in the area, but I have never gone back. Even writing about this gives me the creeps. Whatever that was, it was real, and Pete and I have reviewed this many times. Thanks for listening, my only weird experience.” AOF

NOTE: Reminds me of the Tikbalang, the Demon Horse. I have heard and read of similar sightings throughout the US...notwithstanding, the Jersey Devil and other supernatural entities. Lon

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