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Thursday, June 27, 2019

2019 Kecksburg (PA) UFO Festival

The Kecksburg UFO Festival is approaching quickly. This local festival that the Kecksburg VFD provides each year, has become known as a national event, and people from throughout the country continue to arrive in Kecksburg each year.

The schedule of events for the 2019 UFO Festival on July 26-28 can be found at: Kecksburg VFD coming events. The address for the Kecksburg VFD grounds where the festival takes place is 5128 Water Street, Mount Pleasant, PA 15666.

The annual UFO-Paranormal Conference at the Kecksburg UFO festival is held on Sunday at 1 PM in the EMS Building on the festival grounds. Arrive early to get a seat. The conference is free but the Kecksburg VFD appreciates a donation at the door.

This is the order for the speakers on Sunday from 1-5 PM and the approximate time for each speaker:

1 PM - Introduction by Ron Struble from the Kecksburg Volunteer Fire Department

1-1:30 PM - Stan Gordon, UFO-Bigfoot Researcher and author, marks 60 years of research on these topics during 2019. He will be giving an update on the surge of UFO, Bigfoot and cryptid cases that occurred in 2018 and are continuing in 2019 from the Pittsburgh area as well as Westmoreland County.

1:30-2:30 PM - Ben Moss and Tony Angiola will be speaking about the famous Socorro UFO incident in detail and separating fact from fiction in this important Close Encounter of the 3rd kind. Both researchers have appeared on the Hangar 1 program on the History Channel and Discovery’s NASA’s Unexplained Files. Ben is the former Chief Field Investigator for MUFON in Virginia. Tony was the Assistant State Director for MUFON in Virginia.

2:30-3:30 PM - Steve Ward is a longtime UFO and Cryptid researcher from Michigan. He will be presenting an illustrated program called, “From Folklore to Flying Saucers: Unexpected Connections in the Paranormal.” He has been very involved with the annual Mothman Festival in West Virginia. Steve can also be heard on “The High Strangeness Factor” on the Paranormal UK Radio Network.

3:30-end - Bill Lancaster will be talking about his Bigfoot research and will be showing his latest film, “Paranormal Bigfoot” to the audience. This film investigates theories that Bigfoot maybe much stranger than just an unknown animal. Bill and his wife Amy have a film production company in Virginia called Bilco Productions. They have produced two documentaries on the Bigfoot subject.


Bangladesh UFO

“I'm not sure WHAT it was I saw but it was strange. In 2012, I went to Bangladesh on holiday to visit some relatives and we own an apartment which has a flat roof and it's two levels. So one night my younger cousins and I decided to stay up and go to the roof and play card games and stuff. We took snacks and drinks and we were having a lot of fun. We started to stargaze and that's when we saw something whizz past above us. It was spinning but the lights were not red it was a bluish colour from what I remember. To say we legged it would be an understatement.” H4E


Triangle UFO Over LA

“I've seen that same triangle UFO along with five people who were with me and believe me when I say it was real, big and it made no sound at all. When we all saw it, it was nighttime, around 10:00 PM, some of us got our cellphones and tried recording it but it wouldn't show up on our camcorder screens like if it had some type of invisible shield unable to be seen by electric devices. This was in Los Angeles, California, in 2012, we were at a park hanging out when it showed up outta thin air.” AG


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