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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Experiencer Followed by Insectoid Being

The following account is somewhat similar to Black-Eyed Girl Mutates Into An Insectoid, which I received in November 2017:

“I often wonder if all of us have been abducted at one time or another but only a few of us can remember. I had an odd experience as a child but I can not say I was ever abducted. When I was 4 years old we lived in a small wartime home in Hamilton, Ontario on the, what we call the mountain, but it's an escarpment.

We had the windows open in the house as air conditioners were not common in 1968. It was a very hot that night. I shared a room with my brother and sister. I woke up during the night and looked out the window into the backyard and in front of a bush about 8 feet away was a small thin creature with shiny black skin. It looked like a small girl but at the same time it kinda looked like an insect. It was crouched on its legs and was leaning forward with one hand on the ground and was looking at me. It had what looked like thin antennas or like needles sticking out from each side of its head and one on top. That's all I remember and when I told my mom she said it was a dream.

We moved to Caledonia to a large house in 1972. I now slept in my own room on the second floor. My dad and I did a project where we made a crystal radio. Some people may remember this kit from Radio Shack. I woke up one night in the summer with the windows were open and I looked down into the backyard. I saw the antenna for my radio stretched across the yard but below that there it was again on the edge of the grass crouched down next to the patio under my window. Again my mother said it was a dream.

A few years later we moved again so my dad did not have to go far for work to Stoney Creek, Ontario. I was now about 15 years old and I got up in the night and looked out my window and saw it again crouched on the edge of the sidewalk and on the grass in the front of the house. This time I went outside to look and it was there. I walked to the sidewalk and it did not make any noise. It just looked at me. It was all black with large black eyes. I then remember waking up and don't remember going back inside. I wrote it off to a dream.

Many years later, I am not sure these were just dreams. There was an article where a UFO crashed in either Mexico or South America and the sketches the people made looked like my dream creature with out the antenna and the pictures showed red eyes not black. The red eyes may just have been to jazz up the story. Makes me think though. Anyone else have anything like this one.” RC

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