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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

'Black Mass' Creeps Throughout Frat House

While in college I lived in a fraternity house for a couple of years, 2011 through spring 2013. It was an old house, probably built in the mid to late 1800s, that had housed a variety of families, fraternities, and sororities over the years. Of course, being an old Victorian house it had its quirks and noises, but generally speaking, you would never be alone as guys were always coming and going. On the rare occasion that a brother would be alone at night, they would always talk about hearing or seeing things, in fact, one new member always said that he saw a person follow me up the stairs and refused to ever sleep there again. I had always chalked those stories up to it just being an old, creaky house with shitty lights and insulation. Until, at least, this series of events happened to me:

My first year in the house I roomed with one other brother in a northeast corner room, and there is one particularly important detail about that room. On the roof outside of our north facing window there was a spotlight that lit up the letters on our house just next to those windows and also shined into our room. One particular night, my roommate, his girlfriend, me, and my soon to be boyfriend were all bedding down for the night (it was college so two couples sharing a room regularly was the norm) and we left the spotlight on for some reason so there was a glow to the room, basically like if you leave the curtains open during a big full moon. As I’m falling asleep I watched this black mass, almost like a cloud, move from the southeast corner into the northwest corner. So I watched something move diagonally across the room towards the spotlight, eventually disappearing into the spotlight. Normally, I would have just figured that I was seeing things as I nodded off, but this time my almost boyfriend sat straight up and said something like, “what the eff was that?” That was followed by my roommate's girlfriend asking, “Did you see that black thing too?” Three of the four of us seeing the same thing definitely confirmed to me that I wasn’t just seeing things as I fell asleep, something was in that room that night.

Now that night may have been the first time I saw the black cloud or ghost, but it wasn’t the last.

The next year I was vacuuming the upstairs hallway alone, while everyone else was cleaning downstairs. As I turned around I saw something come through the attic stairs doorway and move into a bedroom. This startled me a bit, so I went looking for whatever brother had clearly tried to scare me. The problem was that I was the only person up there, every other room was empty and it obviously wasn’t a person because the attic door never opened.

Also during that year, I encountered that same black mass while taking a shower. The mass passed through the bathroom door and then out the window on a west to east path. Now the thing with that bathroom is that there were two sets of lights. One was in the shower above your head and one above the sink which diagonal from the shower to the southeast. The placement of the lights ensured that any shadows would get cast behind you while in that room. So for me, while taking a shower, my shadow was below and to my right on the shower wall, the mass that moved was chest level and to my left. And shadows certainly don’t move the way this thing did.

During that same year, I had my own room in the back corner of the house. It was mostly unremarkable as a bedroom, except every so often there would be a knock in the middle of my south wall, a wall that was on the second story and only reachable by ladder. But we never had a ladder around, and this only happened on quiet nights.

Finally, I have this super odd thing that was happened virtually all my life. If I sleep in a house that has had some sort of trauma occur there or it’s thought to be haunted I will have this one reoccurring dream, or rather nightmare. A hooded figure will drag me throughout the house and no one is able to help no matter how much I fight and scream, and usually I wake up screaming. I bring that up because while living in the fraternity house, I had this dream once a month like clockwork for two years.

We found out later during a homecoming weekend while talking with two alumni who had gone to our college that during the late 80s or early 90s, a sorority was in that house and one of their sisters died in a car accident at 19 or 20 years old. From that point on, members of that sorority claimed to have had encounters with her ghost.

So that’s the story of how I went from a non-believer to a maybe, probably believer. Now I don’t know if it’s the sorority girl who died or not, but that house is haunted. M

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