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Monday, April 22, 2019

The Black Thing by the Creek

I recently found the following account:

Hello I am a 17 year old but this encounter happened about 2 years ago when me and a group of 4 where crossing a creek to go play soccer. Normally there’s 2 ways to get across this creek one is to go through it and just hope rock to rock and another is to cross a large log that was knocked down acting like a bridge.

When we finished playing me and 2 of my friends were coming back and this is when I go the idea to jump scare the rest of my friends. So me and the other 2 agreed and decided to scare them I was about 3 feet away from my friends and right when they crossed the log I heard “OH SH*T!“ They just ran to me and I could hear something in the background breaking branches. I only heard it but they said something all black was running. I was skeptical about it and then I remembered that the other 2 of my friends who we were going to jump scare were not back. Then all I hear is screams and they're running full speed to us and then we just run until we see our neighborhood street. That’s when they said something was chasing them. All black and one of them said he saw it’s head twist like 180 degrees but could not see it’s face and that they thought it was me due to how fast it was running (I was the fastest runner in the whole neighborhood). I told them no and we all said I swear to God this was no prank. Also their faces had a frightened look.

This was not the end because later on that week we explored some medium pipes/ tunnels around 6pm. It was really dark and we heard noises like branches breaking and breathing but the scariest thing was when one of my friends whistled we heard a whistle back. It was not a echo so that made us leave and never go back to that same area.From all my friends this creature was all black maybe 6 ft or up running on 2 and was extremely fast.

There is also a some type of military base near the creek and this took place in North Carolina. - IL


Close Encounter on Interstate 10

“My parents, back in 1969-1970 were on Interstate 10 heading east to Gulf Shores, Mississippi. While driving, around 10:00 PM, this bright light attached to one giant “highly polished bronze vehicle” began descending from the sky in front of them which caused my father to slam his brakes on his truck so he’d not run into it. They saw this large vehicle cover both lanes on that interstate. The giant medium between the westbound lane covering the east lane on that west bound lane which would’ve have made this vehicle's width over 100 feet plus across! Mother was shaking. Being christian, she never ever thought she'd see such a non-human-hands-made vehicle. Dad would say, not one sound came from that vehicle as it hovered in the air never touching the earth. The bright light dimmed and they’d seen people in every window as we’d see people in jet aircrafts when watching jets come and go at airports! Mother said: “These beings looked human yet they shone as a sun would shine, not as bright but angelic-like beings!” They were afraid for what would happen next! Dad's truck had died the moment they saw this vehicle. As they watched, beings walked inside the large windows. Next they saw this craft slowly lift upwards to a height (200’-300’ up) and in a blink of their eyes, this vehicle flew off on their right side and they leaned forward to see how high it was going at a breakneck speed! Next they noticed this large beam came from another (triple the size) larger highly polished bronze vehicle. It attached its beam to the one which hovered over them and it seemed to have sucked this giant vehicle into itself. It closed its giant door and disappeared in front of their eyes! That’s how fast that mothership had sped away. They were relieved when dad's truck began and they drove the next few miles to Gulf Shores not speaking. Not until dad had unloaded his seafood to the seafood restaurant which had been waiting for my father (my parents had owned a seafood shed in Louisiana west of New Orleans which he’d buy these seafood from local fishermen as his workers picked the Blue Crab meat, other workers tenderloin the fishes which came into his factory! I’d been their bookkeeper for their business). Mother was upset with my father for leaving so late into the evening hours but, these restaurant owners wanted their supply so early morning workers and 4:00 AM cooks could prepare the seafood for lunch and dinner hours. Normally my brother and friend worked for my dad and delivered the prepared seafood but one was ill so dad knew he’d have to do the delivery. So, hence; they were on the road to see an out of this world being ship. Méria. PS: Both my parents are in heaven now. They died in their ‘90s’.” - Meria Johnfroe

Beyond Creepy


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