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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Huge Bigfoot Observed by Catskills Hikers

On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, I received a telephone call at 5:30 pm local time from 'VA' who had witnessed a probable Bigfoot just 45 minutes previously.

'VA' states that he and 2 other friends were staying at the Villa Roma Resort near Callicoon, NY (Sullivan County) in the Catskills. They were hiking on a nearby trail, when they suddenly witnessed a huge hair-cover biped step out of the woods and onto the trail approximately 150 ft. ahead of them. The being quickly looked at the trio after they reacted, then hurriedly ran back into the woods.

'VA' described the being as standing 8-9 ft in height and broad enough to encompass the width of the trail, which was about 5 ft. The being was fully covered in reddish-brown long hair, except for the face which had dark-colored skin. There was no noise other than the footfalls it made through the underbrush.

The trio hurried back up to the trail head, then searched online so that they could make a report. When I received the call, VA was quite excited by what they had encountered. They planned to go back and search for evidence / footprints.

The overall Catskill Mountains are known for Bigfoot sightings over the years, though Sullivan County has no reports made to the BFRO. I have been receiving many reports in New York state recently, including:

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