Wednesday, April 17, 2019

'Glimmer Man' Chases Deer in Kentucky

My wife and I were taking a small vacation trip last October to the Red River Gorge area in Kentucky. After a full day of hiking and grabbing some dinner we returned to our room to get some sleep. About 3 in the morning my wife woke me up saying she was having severe stomach pain. I, being the dutiful husband I am, got dressed and hopped in the car to run down the road to pick up some stuff to settle her stomach, only to discover that things shut down for the night around there. After consulting Google I found a 24 hour gas station about 30 minutes away and began my drive.

After locating the exit I began to slow down, I was somewhat paranoid of hitting a deer or something, especially since I was in unfamiliar territory. As I made my exit low and behold a deer ran out in front of me. As I watched it cross the road I noticed something behind it. It was the outline of a man, but there was nothing solid to him, I could see right thru him, yet still clearly see his form. Now I was wide awake, with the deer having startled me, but have no explanation about what I saw. It crossed the road and continued on after the deer.

For the rest of the trip I kept feeling like I was being watched and continued to have uneasy feelings for several days after. Anyways that's a brief rundown of my first run in with the glimmer man. - JW

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  1. Fleshgait , aka crawler, aka a thousand other names. Abilities : expert camouflage to the point of invisibility. Predator : Expert level, Stealth : Expert level . Only comes out at night as the sun's rays are harmful to it. Lives in caves, swamps, sewers, culverts etc during the day and hunts at night.
    Uses trees to move around unseen.
    Domain : All continents
    Prey: Anything that lives and breathes and has blood.


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