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Friday, April 05, 2019

Flying With An Angel

“My husband and I lived in our apartment in Winnipeg, MB. Canada. He got up at 6am, to get ready for work, I was not in bed. It was early spring almost the same as today. I thought I dreamt I went onto our balcony, still dark, the stars visible and beautiful for a change, that an 'Angel' landed beside me on the balcony. He had dark hair, a blue knee length tunic and wings, white and blue, tall, slim and sinewy. I can't recall exactly all he said, not even his name but a name I had known of in regards to Angels. He lifted me up and we flew over the city until almost daylight. We could see so much. Then back to the balcony where he set me down gently on my feet. Gave me a hug, a kiss on my forehead, and said he'd be around even if I did not recognize him, to know when he was near. Then he flew off.

By then the sky was cloudy, white and dark clouds as I watched him fly off and up. Then he completely blended into the clouds that I could no longer really see him. My husband felt the coolness coming in from a small opening of the glass balcony doors. He said, 'There you are! What are you doing out here?' I just smiled sleepily and said I had needed some cool fresh air. He told me I could have at least put slippers on because it was still too cold to be standing barefoot on the cement. He lead me in, sat me on the sofa with a faux fur coverlet, brought me a coffee he'd just made. I was asleep. So he made me a bit more comfortable without waking me as I wake very easily.

He came home for lunch and I was still in the same spot sleeping. I had not moved an inch but I had a smile he said. He woke me then as he'd brought me a tea, Danish, watermelon and strawberries. The pieces of watermelon broke off looking like red hearts. We talked and ate until he went back to work. I stayed on the sofa about two hours wondering if it had all been a dream. I still don't really know. - StormyStars

After an inquiry for further information was made, the witness responded:

It happened early spring 2011. I still do not know if I dreamt it or not but for the fact my husband could not find me. He had looked he said, but did not see me on the balcony until close to leaving for work then after work asking me again what I was doing out on the balcony so early. After that he watched me close thinking I might have lied about NOT being a sleepwalker. And I am not a sleepwalker. It happened once or twice to me in my lifetime which is 50+ years. And I had been very young in one, the other had been a post hypnotic suggestion. This however, felt very real right to a couple of very fine feathers white with a blue hue. I had those photos up on FB and YouTube but I cannot find them now. My parents passed away a year later. I do not believe in only one all seeing doing omnipotent God. I believe there are many Gods/Goddesses, a powers of the Highest possible which could be a computer for all anyone knows of it, BUT I DO still believe in Angels. Always have and Always will. I would feel totally lost if I did not believe in Angels. And trust me when I say I have had other Angelic occurrences and THOSE have witnesses so since my husband did not see or hear anything except the oddness of not being able to find me and then finding me in a place he already looked. I seriously do not know if it was a partial dream or real. I knew I started looking at houses out of the city the very next morning. Though I did not find this home until 2014, I suspect I was needed for my late parents and great Uncle when they'd come into the city. Yet as soon ad I saw this place I knew it was/is where I am suppose to be. Just do not recall a reason I know I should be here, yet know. Maybe this is where I was brought during flight, and told something. Blessings.” - StormyStars

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