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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Child Recounts Alien Experiences

I recently found the following account:

About two months ago my three-year-old son started having dreams about visitors during the night. A few months before that he went to the doctors and received the dreaded flu shot, so I passed it off as junior PTSD from that. He talked about a man coming through his wall and giving him a glowing needle on the left side of his head, which is a seemingly normal dream for a toddler with an imagination. The only TV he watches is Kid Netflix and never more than an hour a day under direct supervision.

The dreams went on. He would get up around the same time 2:30-3 am almost every night, come into my room to sleep in my bed with me, and I would calm him down before bringing him back into his room. He would go on about the dream as I calmed him, describing a typical monster: black eyes and hair, long fingers, large head.

A few days he was obsessed drawing pictures of what he called the “doctor” that visited him which just looked like a poorly drawn face. It was only until we went to the library when it came up again. He pointed out a book cover of an extraterrestrial exclaiming that was what was visiting him. I’m skeptical, he must have seen this on TV, but when I finally start to ask him about it he explains what happens. This is what I got out of it (keep in mind 3 year old):
Man comes through wall, sometimes it’s a being with a big white head with short black hair, big black eyes, white suit. Sometimes it’s two small blue men in blue suits.

They put glowing needle in or around his left ear (3 year old says its for bugs) and it makes him feel sick and hurts a little bit.

He then goes into outer space and talks to them, and gets to play with other kids.

Another thing that caught me off guard is there was a paranormal investigator just across the street from our house on the same side as my son’s bedroom. I went and asked what it was about and apparently our neighbour experienced a ghost walking through his backyard for a few nights. It would come from the river next to his house.

That’s about it, and he hasn’t changed his story yet. What I’m more so wondering, since people here are interested in the subject, does any of this sounds familiar? Is this something he could have seen on a movie trailer somewhere and come up with on his own? I’m pretty skeptical of all this but I’m willing to hear any thoughts and maybe ways to ward this off. HH

NOTE: Comparing this account with others I have received in the past, I'd say that this child has experienced an alien encounter and, most likely, an abduction. Your thoughts are welcomed. Lon

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