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Friday, April 19, 2019

Bigfoot Accounts From Montgomery County, Indiana

The following accounts were in response to Bigfoot Observed Near Turkey Run State Park, Indiana:

This happened in 2000. We remember it like it was yesterday. It was close to Turkey Run and I could take you right to the place. That's how vivid the encounter still is. This was my report:

OBSERVED: My significant other and I lived in a house near (about 2 miles) from Turkey Run State Park in Montgomery County, Indiana. It first started out, we were sitting near a fire we had built in our yard when I kept getting the feeling I was being watched. This was probably 9 or 9:30 at night. My partner asked me what was wrong to which I told him. A few minutes later, the cattle pastured behind our house started bawling and running like something either scared them or was chasing them. My partner stepped out to the side of the garage (which was beside the house) and called me to come look, which when I got there, there was something tall standing in the moonlight. He then picked up a piece of steel pipe, his weapon of choice, and threw it at the shape, which didn't move. We assumed it was a pine or cedar tree. We went in the house shortly there after, but I still could not shake the "being watched" thing.

The next morning, we went back out to where the tree was supposed to be and there was NO tree! He threw a big rock at the spot where he'd threw the pipe the night before and actually hit the pipe on the ground with the rock. We walked out to where these items were and the grass was all beat down and trails led out through the pasture where the cattle are. There were two distinct trails. The grass was waist high and you could tell the one was used to come up and the one it used to go back by the direction the grass was laying.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was cool and clear. There was a partial moon because we could see the the thing standing but not clearly.

ENVIRONMENT: forests and open places. 5 strand barb wire fence 50 or so yards behind house. - name withheld


I live about 4 miles due east of Shades State Park in the SW part of Montgomery County, Indiana. Probably 9 or so years ago, I’m not sure on the year but we still lived in our old house which was lost to fire and the fire was 8 years ago so it was before that. We used to sleep with the windows open due to crappy a/c.

I had gone to bed late one night and after I got settled I noticed that it sounded like every dog in the vicinity was barking which was unusual. A lot of dog owners around here but the dogs don’t bark all night or anything. As I was wondering what had them stirred up, I heard a howl like I had never heard before, the best way I could describe it was like a low siren, but it sounded close. I laid there frozen, wondering what in the world it was. We have plenty of wildlife here and you learn to familiarize yourself with their noises especially at night. If for no other reason than to not be unnecessarily scared, as well as to protect livestock if need be. A few years later I found the Ohio Bigfoot howl recording from 1994 on the internet, and that is exactly what I heard that night, there is no doubt in my mind, I had never heard anything like it before then and I’ve never heard it again since. - Nan68

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