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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Apparent Bigfoot Episode on the Tippecanoe River in Indiana

I recently received the following account:

I apologize for taking your time, but this story is as real as it gets, and it happened to my grandfather and I in the 90’s.

My grandfather lived in Rochester, Indiana, alongside the Tippecanoe River. Across the river was a wildlife preserve that also used to be a camp. Well the camp had been run down and the building was dilapidated, but very eerie. It sits at the corner of the river where it bends at a sandbar.

My grandfather and I were hanging out limb lines for catfish. We hung them every night and grabbed them in the morning to see if caught anything. Well 3 nights in a row our lines were ripped down and laid on the bank. These lines were very strong, and would take a lot of power to snap them. They are the same ones used to catch gators. They were ripped off, or the whole limb ripped off and put on the bank.

One night my grandfather and I were going down to check out fishing poles while tight lining along our side of the bank. We had seen a rabbit jump in the water and swim across earlier in the day, and we thought that was weird, but when we went down to check our poles we heard a splash in the river. My grandfather said that it was probably another rabbit swimming across the river. We heard another splash, and it was louder than the last. Finally we both stop and try to see in the dark as best as possible. We only had a glow in the dark bobber for light, so looking across the river was out of the question. The next thing I heard sent chills down my spine, and has stuck with me forever. I never knew what it was, until I saw a documentary called Discovering Bigfoot. The growl recorded in that video was the EXACT same sound my grandfather and I heard. It was from the bellows of the gut. I just wanted to share it with you. - DB

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