Thursday, March 14, 2019

Reptilian in Walmart

I recently received the following account:

It was Fall of 1998. I suddenly found myself separated from my husband and with two preteen children to support. Living in a small Kansas town, there was very limited employment options. I needed to remain close to home to attempt to keep a handle on preteen adolescents and still keep a roof over our heads.

It was convenient when I saw an ad for workers at our local Walmart. The store was converting to a Super Store and needed staff 24/7. So I applied. I got hired on as a department manager.

I got dug in. I laid out the department and everything on the shelves on the day of the opening, including the shelves themselves, was put there by my two hands.

The new store opened and school had started so I tried to keep my hours mostly to accommodate that, but weekend work was mandatory. Usually I got to work early, There was only light register staff and I’d be the first department manager on the floor. It was early days for the new store, but the majority of the set up crew had departed the job site.

One morning I arrived even earlier than usual. I had timed in and was just about to leave the freight room, when a young boy, about the age of my own two kids, rushed past me, nearly knocking me over. He started sputtering something about how his “ID” had been lost and he had to see CCTV to see who picked it up.

The first thing weird about this, is that I didn’t know this kid. My kids grew up in this town and being a small town, I thought I knew all the kids from town and all parts around. The second weird thing was, back in 1998, it would be very unusual for any small town preteen to have an ID of any kind.

I told him I knew nothing about it, but he could follow me back to the office to inquire. There was only one lady back in the office. She was a member of the set-up team, and had been responsible for hiring me. I left him with her after a short explanation, and went out on the floor to begin my day. But I forgotten my scanner. So, I turned heal and went back into the office area to get one.

Immediately I could hear this kid becoming very aggressive with my co-worker. He was ranting on; insisting that he view the CCTV tape immediately! The Human Resource officer was trying to calmly explain to him that only security staff and the store manager could view it, and she would pass on his concern.

Worried about my coworker’s safety, I crept closer to the door, which remained open. His back was to me, but looking past him I could clearly see, her whitened shocked face.

The boy, sensing my presence, swung around and stormed past me and I assume, flew out of the building.

“Did you see his eyes “! “Did you see his eyes”, she exclaimed!

Though in fact I had, I said nothing. I think I was basically gobsmacked. And as it turned out, I never again spoke to her. That was the last time I saw her. When I inquired after her, I was told she was transferred, though others whispered, she had been fired by home office.

The third weird thing was, look into the eye of a snake, and you will know what I saw as the boy fled by me.

(provided by witness)

You are welcome to use this story, but please do not use my name. This is a true story and detailed to the best of my memory.

Thank you, J

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