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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Huge Flying 'Creeper' Humanoid in New Mexico

I recently received the following account:

Hello. I just wanted to share an experience my husband had about 6 months or so ago. We live in Rio Rancho, NM and it was about 8 or 9:00 at night. We were planning to go out into our backyard and just chill out to enjoy the cool air and have a small fire. I was inside when this happened, so I did not see anything. I was talking to my oldest daughter and my husband went outside and sat down in a chair. He leaned back and looked up at the sky, and he said what he saw scared him so bad he just froze. He said he heard absolutely no noise whatsoever and it was about 8 ft in length, leathery skin and huge wings. It was about 20 feet above the rooftops of the houses. He watched it until it went out of sight, so maybe a two minutes or less. It was flying in a northwest direction.

His way of describing it was it looked like the creature from Jeepers Creepers. He came flying in the house, shut the back door, shut the blinds and was shaking and white as a sheet. It took me three days to get him to finally tell me what he saw and he doesn't like speaking of it. To this day he still avoids it when brought up. He would not go outside for weeks at night after that, not even to get something from his truck. I am sharing this story because there has to be something out there. We have been married for 15 years and NEVER has one of us ever joked around about anything like that. JP


Shadowy Manifestation Appears Day Before Father Passes

“Something weird happened to me years ago when I was picking up my niece from the bus stop at the end of our road. My house lies in the very middle of our street. I used to pick up my niece everyday as her mother was at work. It was an ordinary day. Not much sun but cloudy as I recall. The stop is about a 2 or 3 minute walk (depending on how fast your pace) from my house. You can see the end of my driveway when your halfway there. Only about 3 to 4 houses away. My niece was in the 1st grade at the time. She was maybe 6 or 7 years old. I must mention that my father was close to the end of his life.

When my niece and I were about halfway home, I looked up and as I gazed near the end of my driveway. There was this humanoid figure just standing there facing us. It was looking in our direction. Was it looking at us? Waiting for us? I can't make out much details as to its attire only to say it was all black. Like all black clothes, or silhouetted? I could not make out the face either, but I know it had one. However I do remember perfectly it did have a hat on of some sort. Maybe a baseball cap? I'm not sure on the color? Why couldn't I make out any details as we were a short distance to my house? I got this eerie feeling about it though and it just wasn’t good news.

While I was walking, I asked my niece if she could see it too. She confirmed she could. I asked her 'Who is that?' Neither of us could tell who, or what that was. I kept watching it as we came closer. Still couldn't see the facial features well. It was tall. I'd say about 6 or 7 feet. It was still as a statue. No movement or sound. Just there. I looked down at my niece for a very brief second or two and when I looked up again it was gone instantly. Just like that. It was there for only a minute or two. One minute it's there, and the next minute, "poof" it's gone. As if nothing was ever there. As we reached my house there was no one anywhere. Where could someone run that that fast? I was the only one home that time, and they would have told me if they were waiting for us or something. I never saw him again and to this day every once in a while it comes to mind. The strange thing about it is, my niece can't remember a thing! I tried to refresh her memory a few times, as she did say at the time she saw it too, but it's like that one memory has been erased. Was it because she was so young at the time? How much can kids remember at that age? One more thing, my father passed away the very next day.” - Rehana Farooqi

Beyond Creepy


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