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Friday, February 01, 2019

Yellow-Eyed Winged Humanoid Observed at Prairie Creek Reservoir in 2007

I recently received the following account:

My mom sent me your article because I have also seen the humanoid at Prairie Creek Reservoir! I am originally from Muncie, IN and grew up spending a lot of time at Prairie Creek because my family has a boat there.

It was summer 2007 when we had taken a boat ride and watched the sunset. It was dusk and the sun was setting as we approached our dock. As we got closer my friend and I both saw what looked like a human standing at the end of our dock and thought it was strange because there was no one else around - our neighboring boats were all docked, there were no other cars around, etc. We were the only one out that evening from our dock area. It then turned around and we saw its glowing yellow-ish eyes. At this point, we were freaked out wondering what this was because there was something totally off about it and it was clearly not a normal human. Then, as we got even closer, it spread its wings, flapped a few times and soared up into the sky. It was WAY too big to be a bird...I've never seen anything like it before or after. It was probably around 5-6 feet tall and really dark, the whole body and wings were gray/black.

Not sure if this is of interest but my family and I also saw a UFO at Prairie Creek Reservoir around dusk as well a few years later. We were one of the only boats on the water, it was such a serene, quiet and peaceful evening. My mother looked up at the sky and saw the UFO so we all looked up, it was shaped like a tin can, stayed still and made absolutely no noise. At that instant, my father caught a fish and the commotion caused us all to look down and a few seconds later when we looked back up it was gone without a trace. AB

NOTE: The eyewitness is a known credible media professional. Lon

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