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Friday, February 15, 2019

Witness Heard JAL Flight 1628 UFO Incident

“I lived up in Juneau, Alaska at the time of JAL flight 1628 UFO incident. I was listening to my shortwave radio as Capt. Terauchi made his radio calls to Anchorage Tower. I listened as a couple of jet interceptors flew out to get a visual on the object. After the radio reception went dead I called Anchorage International Airport and spoke with a person who knew what I was talking about. I asked if I could be sent transcripts of the incident. No problem. Within a few days a package came to my door that had the report that was about 60 pages long (the entire investigation). It also came with two audio cassette tapes of the incident, as well. I still have that paper report. As for the cassette tapes, I may still have them somewhere. If they hushed the story up then I must have gotten the material before everything was confiscated. Later I ran an advertisement in the classified section of the National Enquirer, I offered the transcripts for sale. One of the buyers was the National Enquirer. They then put the story on the front page of their magazine. Yeah it's for sale.” GreatScott

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“I saw a UFO on December 31st, 2014 at 10:27pm. You never forget the date and time of when you see something you never thought you would see. A big black triangle, the size of maybe two NBA basketball courts. Reddish orange lights on the 3 points. There were 4 separate orbs the same reddish orange color, two in the front and two in the back like they were escorting it. There's a canal that runs behind my house, and it made a turn over this canal and I could see the bottom of the craft. It was giving off so much heat it was shimmering. I live about half a mile from I-95, so I can hear cars and trucks on the highway all day and night. There was no sound at all. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. No insects, no cars or trucks on the interstate, no fireworks, no people yelling or anything. Complete quiet. Then as it was going along the canal, the lights went out and all sound came back. All I could hear was my neighbor that lives behind me on the other side of the canal saying to his wife 'What in the absolute F was that?!" every few months since then I see just the orbs.” showdown561


Braunig Lake, Bexar County, Texas, USA “Back in '89, my brother and I were fishing in our boat at Braunig Lake in south Bexar County, Texas. The radio was saying something is in the sky in the southeast. We looked southeast and saw nothing. About 30 minutes later my brother goes there it is. It was right there by the power plant and like all of the workers were out on the cat walks watching it. One guy had a VCR camera filming it. The thing was 200 feet maybe more across and was a blue ball with white swirls on it like clouds. It was there so long that the workers went back in and we quit looking too. An F-15 came from Randoff AFB and got about 1/2 mile from it and it left - went out of the atmosphere around Casterville in about 4 seconds with out making a sound - UFO. If the Fighter would have fired at it with his Stingers it could have flew circles around them. Do not believe me, there was alot of witnesses, it was on the news that night but their photo was from town and was just a ball of light. My brother and I should have started up the boat and got closer. We were at the dividing jetties at the end of it. It was at left of the gas tower and only the height of the building. We talked our self into it was a big balloon until it took off. The fighter was I think an F-15. It had 4 stingers on it. It against the UFO would be like racing a modern car against a horse and buggy. It moved in 4 seconds from the lake to out of the atmosphere. Taking the highway its about 35 miles, but it traveled a straight bee line - not a peep out of it. It did not make sonic boom and the guy with the camcorder had went back to work when it took off.” jimmy wilkinson


UFO OVER KENDALLVILLE 1979 - Kendallville, Indiana, USA “One year, I believe it was 1979, when we were returning home from church one night just before it got dark. We were together as a family talking. The boys I have are ages 5 + 3 and 1/2 and my husband, we were driving on Interstate 3 just outside of Kendallville, Indiana going up on Old 3 when I noticed what looked like, possibly, a helicopter. I seen a round shape, yellow blue green and white lights under it. 'Look boys, there's a helicopter!' I told them, as I rolled the window down so we could see it better and hear it. I told my husband to pull over so the boys could see this fascinating equipment. I got the window down and that's when my husband pulled over. We stared up at it. It was triangular shaped. It was right on top of our car maybe seven cars stacked on top of each other. Some of the cars around us just kept going. I said, 'It must be on silent mode.' That was true, if we even had anything like that. Like Blue Thunder, the item shot off to the northwest of us hovered over a farm for about 25 minutes. Then we watched as it shot off to the west. My husband and I looked at each other not knowing what we had just seen. I'm thinking nobody's going to believe this. My son kept asking me where it went. I told him it flew away. I told my pastor about it. I called him and asked him and he said that the UFO could have been a 'Vision by Satan'. I know what I saw and what I saw was what I explained, a dark huge round object like that of a huge helicopter. It had blue yellow and red lights nothing like I never saw in '79 but now since then I have seen lights like this in machines.” kat CARVING


No Date - Reading, Pennsylvania, USA “I seen a huge UFO in Pennsylvania it was awesome! I always wanted to see one ever since my dad said he saw one in the Dominican Republic when he was younger. I kinda didn’t believe that he seen it but then I said, Why would he make it up? My encounter was weird. I was coming of the highway at like 2:00 AM. It was right by the Reading Airport. It was pitch black around the area, no lights, while I was trying to get off the exit to Lancaster Avenue. I looked to the sky and saw a bright light and I said, 'Oh, sh-t that airplane is bright' but it came closer and closer and got bigger then I noticed it was not a plane. I was SHOCKEDDD!!! No sound. It was like a large disk the size of a football field. It had two red beams on the bottom and lots of bright boxed LED white lights on the bottom, as well. I’m so shocked how the sirens of the airport went off and this thing went lower and went sideways and disappeared. That was my encounter. I’m not saying I saw an alien. I’m saying, I saw a weird UFO and it was definitely not a plane. I was not the only one in the car that saw it. My 6 year old daughter at the time witnessed it and so did my husband. He just doesn’t talk about it because he thinks people might think we're nuts but whether people believe me or not I don't care, at least I seen it.” Luvly C

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