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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Winged Humanoid Abducts Eyewitness in Rolling Prairie, Indiana

I recently received a telephone call describing a harrowing account from the eyewitness 'FH'. The incident occurred on the night of October 27, 1969 in Rolling Prairie, Indiana. FH was a young child at the time.

FH states that he and his family (mother, father, sister and grandmother) where living in a trailer situated on their family's land. The trailer had sustained damage on the roof, leaving a large hole. The hole was covered with a wide waterproof tarp until it was to be repaired.

FH and his baby sister shared a bedroom. He was awakened by a strange noise and a strong disagreeable odor. As he looked towards his sister's crib, he saw a tall winged humanoid staring down at her. The being slowing turned and looked at a horrified FH.

The description was a very tall being that was crouched a bit. FH estimates that it stood 7-8 foot in height. The body and face had black hair. The leather-like wings were huge, and shaped like that of a bat or gargoyle. It had muscular detached arms and legs. The body and face were thin and looked like a human skeleton with obvious sharp teeth. The eyes were dark. It also made a low garbled sound.

FH screamed in order to alert his parents in the adjoining room, but they never responded. His grandmother was alerted and came to his aid, though she was stunned at the sight and immediately fell to her knees.

The creature picked up FH in its arms and made its way into the living room, where it ascended through the hole in the ceiling. It's obvious it had moved the tarp in order to gain access inside the trailer. FH remembers being very cold and wet, and hearing his grandmother screaming as the winged humanoid took off into the sky. He has no idea how long he was gone, but only remembers waking in his bed among his panicked parents and grandmother.

FH states that his grandmother witnessed the entire event and documented it. His living relatives concur with the account, since his grandmother recalled what had happened to each of them. His grandmother passed away in 1985.

FH's parent woke after the abduction. It seems that they were somehow placed into an hypnotic state until the winged being left the premises with FH. After several minutes, they all heard scratching noises and a loud thud on the roof. FH's father immediately gained access to the roof where he saw FH lying unconscious. They were able to quickly bring FH into the trailer, dry him off and place him in his bed. They were reluctant to call the authorities or seek medical assistance because of the bizarre event.

FH recovered but has endured emotional problems his entire life which he attributes to the abduction. At the time of 'The Mothman Prophecies' film release, he had a mental breakdown after watching it in a theater. He literally had to leave during the scene where the Mothman caused the automobile crash and death. He has not attempted to watch the film since then.

I asked FH why he called me. He stated that he had received a call from his cousin who was aware of the winged humanoid sightings in Indiana. That's when he was given my contact information. Lon

NOTE: The abductee asked me to publish his name, Floyd R. Hancock, and included the sketch below. He seems very forthright, but quite nervous. He seemed relieved that there had been other eyewitnesses to a similar winged being. Lon

Have you had a sighting of a flying humanoid or huge bat-like creature? Please feel free to contact me at lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com - your anonymity is guaranteed. We have received credible reports from the Chicago area / Illinois / Wisconsin / Indiana / Michigan / Pennsylvania / Ohio / Florida / Minnesota / Southern Ontario. Our investigative group is conducting a serious examination of his phenomenon. We are merely seeking the truth and wish to determine what eyewitnesses have been encountering. Your cooperation is truly appreciated. You can call me directly at 410-241-5974 as well. Thanks...Lon Strickler

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