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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Unknown Hairy Hominid Encountered Near Louisville, Kentucky

I received a telephone call from an eyewitness named 'Joe' who had a harrowing encounter with a supposed Bigfoot near Louisville, Kentucky.

On August 17, 2018, Joe and his 12-year-old son, were fishing on the banks of the Ohio River in Oldham County, Kentucky. It was late afternoon, so Joe decided that they needed to start walking back to the car before dusk. They had parked several miles away in Jefferson County and had hiked through the woods to reach their favorite fishing spot on the river.

As they were packing up, Joe's son said that he heard something unusual; but Joe was in a hurry and wanted to get a move on. They were loaded with gear, which included a bucket full of catfish. That's when Joe heard the 'whoop' sound coming from above them on the low bluff. As they walked a bit further, Joe spotted a large figure on top of the bluff looking in their direction. He didn't think much of it, but noticed that it was following them.

Joe had his son lead in front of him out of caution. He always carried a sidearm when he was in the woods. Joe was raised in the Tennessee mountains and was a skilled outdoorsman, but he was always aware of his surroundings. He then heard a low growling coming from behind him. Then suddenly a fist-sized rock landed on the trail behind him. He told his son to move faster so that they could get back to the car as soon as possible.

After hiking for approximately 30 minutes, and avoiding 2 more hurled rocks, they finally reached their car. Joe told his son to get in the car as he loaded the trunk with the gear. As he finished and opened the driver's side door, he observed the creature standing about 40 foot away near the edge of the woods. He was stunned at what he was looking at! Was this a Bigfoot?

Joe and his son were both sitting in the front of the car and watching the huge bipedal creature standing to the left of them. Joe states that it stood at least 7 foot in height and was very muscular. 'This thing looked like it was wearing football shoulder pads' Joe explained. 'The cone-like head had no neck and was just sitting on its shoulders. I've never seen anything like it!' He said that the face was like a human man, but the features were 'flat.' It had auburn hair on the body, except for the face, feet, knees, elbows and chest; similar to the hair on a 'horse mane.' The skin had a 'purplish hue to it.' It was 'top-heavy and all muscle' with 'eyes that were black and large.'

Joe opened the side window to get a better look, despite the loud protests of his son. That's when he noticed the teeth, which the creature was now baring. He stated that he could see that the teeth, which 'looked like molars all the way around, and that there may have been double rowed.' Joe grabbed his sidearm and stepped out of the car. He instantly cocked the hammer, as the creature cowered and hid behind a large hickory tree. It was apparent that this beast was aware of guns. That's when Joe got a good whiff of the intense odor; what he described as week-old roadkill. The creature looked at Joe from around the tree, growled, then vanished. He had no idea where it had gone, and he wasn't going to stick around to find out.

Since that day, Joe has researched Bigfoot sightings in the area. Because of the features of this particular being, he was now beginning to question if this was actually a Bigfoot. None of the illustrations resembled what he had witnessed. He talked to other people who frequented the area where he fished, and it was obvious that this creature had made itself known to others. Joe was wary of making a report since he is well-known within his community, and he wanted to avoid ridicule.

Joe believes that the creature was curious, but was also defending it's territory. He has not returned to the area and doesn't plan to in the future.

NOTE: Honestly, I'm not sure about the validity of this report since it sounds somewhat similar to this account from last July - Menacing Bigfoot in Kentucky. Let me state that I'm presenting the report 'as is' and let you decide if it's real or concocted. Thanks...Lon

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