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Friday, February 15, 2019

Multiple Bigfoot Sightings in Madison County, NY

I recently received a telephone call from 'DV' who described over 45 years of personal Bigfoot encounters in a specific area in Madison County, NY.

The first encounter, and the subsequent incidents, were in Sullivan Park in Chittenango, NY. The initial encounter, during the summer of 1972, involved a 7ft male Bigfoot who confronted DV while he was walking through the park. The Bigfoot tossed a large rock at DV, which landed at DV's feet. The Bigfoot stepped out of the bush and walked onto the trail. DV said that he picked up the rock and dropped it. The Bigfoot seemed confused, turned and quickly walked away.

DV says that he had several other lesser sightings and encounters over the next 45 years, included a few with multiple beings.

The last incident occurred in July 2017. DV stated that he was on a trail near the lake. He was there with a few other people, when they witnessed a trio of Bigfoot standing by the edge of the trees. It looked like a large male, smaller female and a juvenile. The trio quickly moved into the woods and disappeared.

DV believes that there are a few Bigfoot groups within the park and surrounding area. He said that he has talk to a few other witnesses over the years, including an encounter in the 1990s where the eyewitness had several stones thrown at her. DV acted very sincere, but it seems like a lot of sightings by an individual. I'm presenting the information as it was told to me. Lon

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