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Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Scary Unexplained Encounters

I received the following accounts over the past few months:

When I was 20 a friend took me to one of those rumored semi local "lights that appear" on a road out in nowhere. This was in Rensselaer, Indiana. We pulled up in my friend's truck. There's one house on this mile long road. I'm in the back seat and his girlfriend is in the front. We park under this tree, like the story says and immediately the light appears. I'm floored but my friend isn't having it. He's ready to leave and I'm just getting started. I open the door and step out. I get on the side of the truck and we test the light by driving with the headlights off. Surprisingly, the results are all over the place. The light will shift from one side of the street to the other; occasionally changing color. Sometimes it seems the light is getting closer...sometimes it seems to be moving away, and occasionally it turns off completely, but the only constant is to park under the tree. Then it comes right back.

I can tell you that the light, at times seemed to be only 100 feet or 30 meters away. So I get cocky and take off at a full sprint at it. My friend is in full panic mode. He's terrified. I'm going as fast as I can on the gravel road. There's a deep ditch on both sides and a patch of woods coming up on my right. I'm running uphill and the light is about 50 feet in front of me. It's white with yellow and blue; too bright to see who's holding it or where its coming from. I'm starting to get a little panicked because I can hear my friend's girlfriend behind me screaming my name. The light jets into the woods as I approach. Not at all like it's being carried but more like on a line. I jump the ditch and barrel into the woods. The trees are thin but thick enough together that I can't see the source. Just light everywhere. The woods are bright and lit up.

I stop for a moment to take a breath as my friend's girlfriend gets to me. She's freaking out and we start arguing about why she's following me when I'm running towards the light and the light turns off. Suddenly I find myself in the middle of these woods with no light. There's no cell phones back then. It's very quiet and that's when I realized I was at the complete mercy of whatever was out there. We both just stood frozen in terror for minutes listening for anything. She broke first with a terrifying scream and I took off running. She was right behind me. We ran down that road laughing and scared back to the truck. DP


When I was around 14 years old, my mother (an unmedicated schizophrenic) decided the voices in her head were spirits, so she bought a bunch of books and started experimenting with the occult. This resulted in a lot of activity in the home, all of which was terrifying to me. The worst of it started with a month of sleepless nights, feeling like something was in my closet watching me. It escalated over about a week as the black figure started coming out of the closet and would run at my bed, which would send me running out of the room screaming in terror. The final night of this ordeal I had a really horrible nightmare about this figure choking me as I lay in bed, and as I woke up coughing and sputtering, the room was hot like a sauna and all I could smell was hot garbage and vomit and the vibe of the room was far too still. I felt sluggish and nauseous and it was enough for me that I asked to move my bedroom to another room in the house after that, and I don't think I even went back in that room before I moved out at 21.

I'm 33 now and even remembering this event scares me and makes me a bit nauseous. I didn't know much about the paranormal at that age but now that I'm older I realize that was quite likely a demon! SC


I have a few encounters that were rather terrifying to me. The first encounter happened when I was about 13 (I'm currently 20). I was laying restless in bed at around 12ish a.m. That's when I heard footsteps on our deck just outside my room. I froze in place. It couldn't have been a deer because I didn't hear any hooves. Not a bear because it was the middle of winter. And a few seconds after the footsteps stopped I heard this super close growl. Like a big animal growl. It sounded as though it was inside of my room, directly in front of my face. I ran out into the living room, and didn't go back into my room for a while.

The next encounter, I was about 17 at the time and I just got out of the shower when I felt something stinging on my side. I checked to see what it was and there were three thin scratches on my side that immediately began to welt. Like they were just inflicted as soon as I looked. I wasn't sleeping well for a while after that. The last encounter wasn't long after the scratches healed. I was in bed, restless because I was too paranoid that something was gonna show up. I close my eyes and hear voices coming from the corner of my room opposite from me. I open my eyes and I see this semi-translucent pale white humanoid thing huddled up in the corner of my room, its back facing me. I got up and charged at it (I wasn't really controlling myself, probably the adrenaline). As I ran into the wall the apparition disappeared. I ran out into the living room and didn't return to my room for a while. AV

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