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Friday, December 28, 2018

Video: Evolved / Hybrid Human EBEs - David Eckhart

Video - Evolved / Hybrid Human EBEs - David Eckhart


For many years, you may have read my work with David Eckhart and you've read the ordeal he has endured during that time.

As I have written recently, David has been 'visited' fairly regularly during the latter part of 2018. This time, most of the 'visitors' are evolved & hybrid well as Reptilian beings among them. I have been researching the 'Council of Five' that many of the experiencers and 'visitors' have referred to. The human / EBE paradigm has shifted, according to much of what we are being told. The images that I have already presented are just a sample of what David, members of his immediate family and other experiencers / abductees worldwide are confronting.

I realize that many people are going to be skeptical. I understand that. The fact that David records using a reflective surface seems odd, but it is a phenomena my team has seen with other experiencers over the years. Many times, direct recording with digital equipment / cellphones results is destruction of the device and video. The quality of the video is very grainy...and it seems to degrade each time it is processed. Nothing has been edited...this is the raw footage. The taller entity is standing in front of the portal that opens in David's bedroom...very similar to the other home invasions David and his family experienced for over a decade. There are several other smaller beings...each are evolved or hybrid human entities. Lon