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Monday, December 17, 2018

Upright 'Horned Werewolf' in Gloucestershire

The following is a new account I recently found:

I don’t even know how to explain this but I’m not the sort to believe in ghosts, devils, demons and cryptids...but this has changed my mind drastically.

I live in the United Kingdom and live in the countryside. I live on a moderately busy lane and have loads of fields behind my house. 5 minutes up the road there’s a hill, it’s called Cole Peak (changed for privacy) in Gloucestershire. It’s about 6 fields away from my house and 5 minute walk from the road.

Me and my 2 mates go to the peak that overlooks our town and can see the Severn Bridge and a place called Stone House. They smoke weed but I don’t so I can’t blame it on the weed. We sat up the top for a good hour chilling, we decide to go home as it’s around 2am. They walk the road way as it leads to town where they live and I decided to walk to field way as I didn’t wanna walk down the road on my own after my mates turn off, so to get to the fields you have to walk through a little forest for around 1-2 minutes, it was pitch black, moon shining bright, stars in the sky. As I said before I don’t get scared so I wasn’t that bothered, I got around 2/3 through the forest when I hear sticks cracking to my left as if something heavy was walking, I just glance over and presume it was a fox or badger. I get towards the gate and open it as it leads into the fields that lead to my house. I close the gate and start to walk and that’s when I heard something I will never forget, it sounded like minecraft creeper but a lot more deeper sounding and bigger. I turn around and on the path I can see this thing, around 6ft tall skinny as f*ck, head shaped like a dog and had horns.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks so I just stood there watching it hoping it was going to vanish. Well to my surprise after around 5 seconds it started to very slowly walk closer and closer until it got to the gate, it was like it didn’t know what to do except just stand there. I was sweating, had red vision and thought I was going to have a anxiety attack. I slowly walked across the field trying to figure out what the f*ck it was. I looked back about half way across the field and it was gone. Sigh of relief, can finally calm down and just take a nice walk home. Yeah that’s what I was hoping for. I was in the last field from my house, house in view. I knew all I had to do was jump over my fence and I was in my garden. I got to my fence and hopped over, I felt safe and secure. I was walking across my garden to get to the back door and behind me my drive light came on. Now this light only comes on if it detects motion or it’s really windy and a branch sways in front of it, it wasn’t windy nor did I walk past it. All of a sudden I had this fear of getting snatched so I quickly run to my back door, open it and run to my attic converted room. My sky light window looks over my drive where the light came on and I stood on my bed and looked out the window. That’s when I seen this werewolf looking thing with horns, stood there sniffing around the cars. It wasn’t a dog, it wasn’t small enough to be a badger or a fox and wasn’t a cow or anything like that. I got into bed and just watched movies till the sun came up and slept then.

Ever since then I never look out my window at night and never walk through those fields.

I honestly don’t know what this thing was but it scared the sh*t out of me I won’t go out in my garden past 11pm. CBD

The eyewitness included this follow-up:

This was last weekend, Friday night (December 7, 2018), really cold night that’s why we only stayed for an hour on that peak.

It could have been a dude in a mask first sighting, but the chances of that are really, really slim as I’ve lived here 15 years now and pretty much know 90% of the town and have never heard of anyone saying anything about scary sighting or anything along those lines. The thing by the cars was definitely not a man in a mask. It wasn’t small horns, it looked like horns that had a few horns coming off it. I don’t know what it was but I definitely don’t want to see or be in view of it again.

NOTE: from the description of the area, I believe this occurred in 'The Cotswolds' (known for a myriad of strange activity) or a location just across the Severn River. Wendigo, Fleshgait, etc...who knows. BTW, there was a Sherlock Holmes case titled 'The Cotswolds Werewolf.' Lon

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