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Monday, December 10, 2018

BEK Caused a Suicide?

Robert in Indiana called in to tell of a strange experience he had:

“One time, a few years ago, we were out fishing underneath a railroad trestle, me and my cousin. And we were coming off of fishing. It was about 10 at night. We came up to the top of the trestle and there was a young kid standing up there. It was funny that you mentioned a hoodie (Lewis and his guest, David Weatherly, were discussing Black Eyed Kids) because he had a hoodie on. And he had asked us to come here. We walked over towards him and he said, 'Can you walk me across the trestle?' About that time, he had looked up and he had black eyes and his teeth were like almost came up to a point, which took us both back. And, right then, we said, 'No!' and we both got out of there. But when we were there, there was a guy across the trestle fishing.

Now, we get about half-way home which was a couple miles and we hear a helicopter. And what that was a life-line. The guy that was still up there fishing, he ended up diving off of the trestle, face-first. He committed suicide. (Lewis asks if it was the same time) This was exactly when we left. This boy had come up and asked us and he was across the trestle fishing. (Lewis asks about the kid) It looked very demonic. I mean he had a... It... He had the image of a kid, the body of a kid, but he looked... we knew as soon as he put his head up, we knew automatically this was something you did not want to be around. (Lewis then mentions that they quickly left and went home) Then the guy that was fishing right across from us, it wasn't even twenty minutes, maybe twenty-five, and that's when the helicopter flew over. We didn't find out until the next day that it was that guy that went to the middle of the trestle and dove off head-first and died. Automatically, I told him (my cousin) not to walk out to the middle of that, or near, that trestle.”

Source: Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis – November 20, 2018

Beyond Creepy


Metal-Clad Apeman, Firing Darts

This isn't my story but one a friend told me not long ago that I found fascinating, mostly because of the genuine emotion in his telling of it. The fear in his voice and on his face was visceral and contagious as he told the story even though it happened years ago when he was a kid.

Anyway, about 15 years back a friend of mine and his group of friends were out having their run of our little rust-belt town not far from a big city, doing all the things kids do before they discover drugs and girls and all the other things that take you out of that childhood sense of adventure. In particular they were out in this part of town we call the flats, originally zoned industrial but after the big fiber plant closed nature reclaimed the place for the most part, so it was fields and woods once you got past the big dilapidated factory that sits by the tracks. For obvious reasons the parents around here tell their kids to keep out of the area because it could be dangerous, but the thing that strikes me as odd about this part of town is that there have consistently been rumors that there is waste of some kind buried out there that's toxic, allegedly radioactive and/or related to the Manhattan project. It's become local folk wisdom that there's something out there you don't want to get into since my dad was a kid in the 50s.

My friend and his posse were playing manhunt, which I'm told is basically hide and seek, and so he was going through the woods looking for his friends who were hiding pretty successfully from him. He reaches a break in the trees, steps out into a small meadow, and that's when he saw it.

Across the field, about twenty yards away, there was something squatting in the tree line, clad in all silver and a bulbous helmet, looking almost like some astronaut from a D grade sci-fi flick. It saw him in the same instant he saw it, and leaped up in surprise, but there was something off and almost simian about the stance it took when it leaped up. Almost like a chimp in a spacesuit, but taller and close to human.

Just as quick it raised it's arm like it's going to point and somehow fired a tiny metal dart at my friend, which hit him in the hand as he turns to run. He ripped the thing out of his hand while running and screaming for his friends.

As he told me this with a shaky voice he showed me the small scar on his hand. I'm a skeptical person, and it's a cheesy story, but this is a guy who is not capable of faking the trembling voice and faraway look of someone who is remembering something that terrified them.

I insisted we go look around that place after hearing this, but we found nothing strange except a weird-looking warehouse type building closer to the freeway than the woods that was relatively new, and empty wilderness. To this day I have no clue what he saw, but I believe he did see something.

If anyone knows of any similar encounters, I'm more than interested. - Senecatwo


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