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Friday, November 02, 2018

Tall Pale Humanoids Occupy Canadian Farm

I recently stumbled across the following account:

This incident occurred in May 2015 in Dufferin County in Ontario, Canada. A friend of mine recently recounted this strange story to me. This friend owns a few hundred acres of land which he rents to farmers to grow crops. As you can imagine the area is rather quiet, not to many houses or traffic around these back roads. His house was under renovation at the time, so he was staying in a trailer around the back of his property. Nothing but potato field with an old barn poking out from the fields.

One night, he said around 1am he was woken up to his dogs going nuts, scratching at the trailer door. When he went to let them out he was surprised to see bright yellow lights behind and inside the nearby barn. Thinking it was trespassers he let his dogs loose and went to grab his rifle. He said as he was loading it he heard his dogs go from barking, to yelping and whining. They came barreling back into the trailer and proceeded to hide under the table.

Thinking these people hurt his dogs he stepped out of the trailer and fired five rounds into the air and began yelling as he readied another magazine. He got a response when the lights around the barn grew incredibly bright. He admits that at that point he was pretty freaked out. He said that he stood there for a bit staring at the lights when he noticed two beings casually walking across the field towards the barn.

Apparently when he saw them he was hit with a mixture of confusion and fear. He describes them as humanoid, pale white, tall and thin. Having very small heads in comparison to their bodies, he also notes that they must have been 6'5 with most of that height being leg length. He stated that they moved very strangely. Their upper body seemed stiff and locked, but their legs moved very fluidly. Almost bringing their knees to their chest. Understandably fear took over him, he took aim and fired three rounds at the beings. Which just made them completely stop moving. Then he noticed a third one to his left very close, but walking away from his trailer. He turned around, went back inside and went for his handguns when the light outside vanished. He sat inside his trailer with silent dogs until morning.

He didn't check out the barn until two days later. He found nothing strange there. No burn marks, no holes, all was normal. When checking the fields he also found absolutely nothing. He told me that he was freaked out for a while afterwards, but nothing strange has ever happened on his property since then.

He also likes to add that not to far from his property is a large piece of military land in the woods. It's completely fenced off with barbed wire and sports nothing but vents sticking out of the ground inside it. Apparently its a site used for listening to and broadcasting messages into space.

So that's the story, I was curious to find out what other people think this might have been. And I know, I didn't tell it too well. If there are any questions, I'll be sure to ask him and get back to you. SD

SD proceeded to answer questions and provide follow-up information:

I did ask him quite a bit. Unfortunately he only saw the two from the side at a distance, and the third was walking with its back turned to him.

He said that he couldn't see anything on the two far one's faces. But the one with the back turned to him appeared to have no ears. He also notes that they had small rounded almost cone shaped heads. Apparently small enough to look odd on their already thin bodies.

As for human characteristics, from what he could tell, they did not look unhealthy. They were extremely thin and tall, but it did not look unnatural. "From what I could tell, they didn't look starving. It looked right for them."

On top of that, he states that they appeared to have no hands or feet. Their limbs seemed to end in stubs.

But thats all I could really get out of him on the subject of their appearance. Understandably, he didn't study them all that well.

NOTE: This account caught my eye because of a report I received several years ago describing similar beings observed in Grand Valley, Ontario...which is also in Dufferin County. I don't know if it's related, but it's an interesting side note. Lon

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