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Monday, November 05, 2018

'Screaming' Bigfoot Seen in Linn County, Kansas

On Saturday, November 3rd I received a telephone call from a young eyewitness ('TP') in Prescott, Kansas (Linn County). This was the 2nd time TP has contacted me in reference to a sighting of a Bigfoot . He had previously contacted me during the summer for another incident.

Both incidents occurred in a wooded area near his home, southwest of Prescott, Kansas; not far from the Prescott Cemetery.

The first sighting occurred while he and a friend were building a 'fort' structure. It was during the mid-afternoon, and they heard noises in the direction of the cemetery. They both observed a hair-covered bipedal creature briskly walking away from them. At that time, TP could only estimate that the creature was a few hundred feet from them and was unable to give me an idea of the size.

The most recent account occurred on Saturday November 3rd at 11:50 am. while TP and two other friends were in the same general area of the woods. TP initially wrote:

It was well-over 8 feet tall and it was running about 120 yards from us. It was making a loud high-pitch scream that sounded like ooo-yaaaa! My friend first saw it emerge from behind a tree and thought it 'looked like a very large chimpanzee / gorilla mix.' My other buddy said it felt like it followed him home when we left the woods.

TP wondered if they should try and look for it, though I discouraged him from doing so; that I would make arrangements for an investigator to go to the location.

There are no BFRO recorded Bigfoot sightings in Linn County, Kansas. The majority of known sightings in Kansas are in the eastern-central regions and there have been several recorded sightings in surrounding counties, including neighboring Missouri. Lon

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