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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Experiencer Claims Multiple Brief Pregnancies

I recently received the following account. I am posting the original email at this time. I plan to follow-up with the witness and go over the evidence. I will provide further information at a later date.:

My name is AT - I'm almost 25 years old and have lived in Canada, New York and New Hampshire.

The first time I ever considered an alien was real or anything was when I was 19-20, when my boyfriend and I of a few years lived in Canada. We woke up one day like normal, had breakfast, sat down and I’ll never forget his face. I thought he was having a brain aneurysm or something and I, obviously panicking, asking what’s wrong?! He shakily said ‘I just remembered something and I don’t know how to explain it.’ He had tears running down his face, shaking like a leaf and after I held him a few minutes he started talking. He is a Native American and a strong man who has almost a genius IQ, who doesn’t smoke drink or use drugs, who doesn’t believe in ghosts or any of that ‘stupid stuff’ so this is not a normal thing.

He told me he woke up in bed and two 'aliens' were walking in the room. He was screaming trying to wake me up. He said they were the typical grey aliens but had long arms and no sex organs. He said they came into the room with their hands out like to give us a 'high five.' He told me when he was screaming. It was like I couldn’t hear him at all and I am a soft sleeper. He said one alien came over and kept a hand over top of me while the other one walked towards him with his hands up. He said he heard this ‘hum’ and it was putting him in a trance, no matter how hard he fought it. The alien was on top of him until he passed out.

I ended up finding out I was pregnant not long after and the conception date the doctor gave us was around THAT NIGHT. We did a lot of research but he couldn’t handle it. He always shook and would become overwhelmed anytime he heard a weird hum that reminded him of it or anything. We assumed maybe they were implanting their DNA into our baby. Trying to cross breed or maybe taking our eggs or semen. But that was that, and I didn’t think about it again until 3 years later after we broke up for awhile.

I still blame that incident for our breakup. Like it was a reminder of that traumatic memory. After we broke up he refused to talk about it. I started having sleep paralysis and weird sleep issues and never thought much about it until I started being aware. Once I forced myself to be aware of what’s truly happened I realized that I was being abducted. A LOT. The normal stories you hear and read don’t really match. But what I know is that they can control us while we are sleeping and weak. When we are sleeping they telepathically can control us by forcing us back to sleep or paralyzing us. After two years of being aware I started to get really good at fighting their forced sleep or paralysis. They’ve actually gotten angry and threatened me 'telepathically' to stop and that I need to not 'make it harder on them.' Also ‘if I just go to sleep I won’t be scared anymore.’ If I want to move again to just fall back asleep and I will wake up just fine. To my knowledge if you break out of the ‘trance’ they are told to leave because it makes it dangerous and hard to control us. Everytime I overpower them they always just leave. I now know when they come in my room and I can normally wake up. Some sort of defense mechanism I assume.

But that has caused many other issues. I now think they are using harsher methods when trying to take me. Anyways they do not like for us to see them so they try to attack at our backs. Stand over our back or behind us. I have now set up my bed so they have to walk to the side of me in front of my TV, that I always have on because I continue to try to see them. I am now scared of the dark. Tonight I had a horrible sleep. My body kept telling me they were coming. I never did this before but tonight turned on my phone. And recorded. It was two hours of recording and it is raining outside. I woke up paralysed like usual and I opened a eye and saw the shadow in the corner of my TV and fought my hardest to get out of my paralysis. It only took me a second and I lifted my head up, looked right at it and it vanished.

So I went to watch to my recording to see if I could hear or see anything at the moment I saw it. The minute before I broke free from my sleep and picked up my phone to see if anything was on it I can clearly hear a humming beat like a heartbeat in the background. I can hear the beat start around 30 seconds into the clip I provided. I can provide entire recording of an hour and so for authenticity as well. My only guess is that’s the sound wave they may use to control us during our sleep I am not sure. I have a lot more I would like to try to remember by hypnosis and I know they will be back.

I honestly believe they have human women carry children as ‘cross breeds’ because their sexual organs have slowly been failing. We carry them for a month or two in our wombs and then take them out. And can somehow keep them alive from then on with their technology. I have been consistently feeling pregnant on and off for a year. My breast fill up huge and are tender. I have acne cravings and weight gain. I hope to personally demand to know more of what these creatures are doing and why they are taking me. This is the first time contacting anyone because this is the first time I have any sort of proof. AT

NOTE: I have been examining the recording and have requested the full recording from AT. I will follow-up when more evidence becomes available. Lon

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