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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Cascade Locks Bigfoot

Jack from Morgan City, Louisiana called in to tell of his creature sighting he had in the Cascade Locks in Oregon:

“In 1987 we and a friend of ours, her name is Sheila, we talked to her and her brother who had gone up above the Cascade Locks and found some steam vents. And those steam vents, we went up and tried to find them, one weekend of that year (1987) and we couldn't find them. So what we did was we went back and talked to Sheila and she gave us a map. We went back up there with that map and it was a long ways up there and we found them. While we were there, we found those vents and I thought to myself, I wonder how much pressure there is, so I picked up a rock to throw it into the hole to see if it would pop back out and when I picked that rock up... I just got chills thinking about it right now. When I picked that rock up, this tall Bigfoot... Now let me explain how it looked. It snarled, it was nasty. It stepped over a log that I would have had to crawl over and it stood there and growled at us. And I had that rock in my hand and I was getting ready to throw it and I froze. My friend was standing there off to the left of me looking over and that thing snarled at us. It had eyes like a cherry on your cigarette. When I was a kid I had heard stories about this. While we're standing there, my buddy's friend takes off running and it turned its body and followed him but when he got too far, he turned himself to me and looked me in the eye and I'm not kidding, I got the biggest rush I've ever had in my life. I remembered back that the Indians used to say, if you see one and you look him in the eyes, he will steal your soul. (Lewis thinks he may have seen a skinwalker) Well, whatever I saw scared the crap out of me.”

Source: Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis – July 17, 2011

Beyond Creepy


11 Infant Corpses Found in Funeral Home Ceiling

The badly decomposed bodies of 11 infants were found in the ceiling of a former funeral home on Detroit's east side, Detroit police said.

The remains were found late Friday afternoon by state investigators just hours after they received an anonymous letter explaining how to find the bodies carefully hidden inside the false ceiling, Detroit police said.

The bodies had been hidden inside the former Cantrell Funeral Home at 10400 Mack Avenue at Garland, about 10 blocks east of the Indian Village neighborhood. The funeral home was closed by state authorities in April after they found numerous violations of state law.

After the infants' bodies were uncovered, Michigan State Police used a cadaver-trained police dog to search the entire building, but no additional bodies were found, said Detroit police Lt. Brian Bowser.

"We do have names for some of the remains and we're going to try to contact the families," Bowser said.

He said he was unable to say how long the remains had been stored there or how old they were. But he said he was upset "by the callousness" of whoever had placed the remains of infants, some of them apparently stillborn, inside a cardboard box hidden in the drop-down ceiling of a stairwell. Police want to speak to the former home's longtime owner, Raymond Cantrell, Bowser said. Read more at Police: 11 infant bodies found in ceiling of former funeral home



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