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Monday, September 03, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Black-Eyed Dog -- A Lifetime of Strange Events -- Rosemary Ellen Guiley on Arcane Radio

Black-Eyed Dog

Jerry in Virginia called in to tell of his bizarre creature sighting:

“You wanted a strange story so here’s my strange story. First let me say that I'm the ultimate skeptic. I’m not one that believes in ghosts and stuff that goes bump in the night. As you can tell, I'm from the south. I do a lot of fishing at night. I call it lazy man fishing. You put a lure on the end and put a bell on the end and you pole watch the thing.

So I'm fishing one night. I'm down there on the lake. And I gotta say I keep myself...I'm always armed. I like to believe that if you can get through twelve rounds then you can get to me, so I feel pretty safe. So I'm fishing one night and I get through fishing and I'm getting ready to leave. I load everything up and I pull out onto the main road and I see this dog come across the road, or what I think is a dog. It’s about 50 yards up the road. It turns around and looks at my direction. It looks straight at me but it ain’t got no eye-shine which I find weird because it should have eye-shine. So I get along and it’s in the left hand lane and I drive by. I look down at the dog and the dog looked weird to me. I thought, there’s something strange about that dog. Well, I go on past him and go up the road, curiosity gets the best of me so I turn around.

So I come back down the road and there’s the dog, or the animal, down in the ditch. Now to give you an example of the size of the animal, I have a Mountain Cur named Charlie. He’s probably 45 to 50 pounds, if you know what a Cur dog is, you know about the size I’m talking about. So I pull down into the ditch. I mean, headlights on bright, you know, I’m less than ten feet from this animal, I’m looking at it out the windshield, I'm looking at it. This dog ain’t got no hair and his eyes are a little bit larger than normal what a dog’s eyes would be and they are solid black. I have no idea what it could be. Like I said, I'm a skeptic. I know what I saw. If I'm lying, I’m dying. (George Noory, the host, asks if it had mange) that’s what I thought but no, it didn’t have the, you know, usually with a dog with mange, it’s got patches of hair on it. This didn’t have no patches of hair anywhere on it. (Noory asks if it was a dog) Well, I say it was a dog but with black eyes. You never know. It was strange. I cant explain it.”

Source: Coast to Coast - August 31, 2018

Beyond Creepy


A Lifetime of Strange Events

Hello Lon, I really enjoy your site, you have an honesty about you, which I trust, and is the reason I'm sharing my experience with you. I'd like to request to remain anonymous, people would think I'm crazy and I already have enough on my plate in my life at this time. Why tell my experience then? Well, because I feel it might help someone else who may have experienced something like I did. I have 4 encounters to share with you. 3 happened where I currently reside.

I was working at a hospital at the time and went to walk my dog at about 4:30 in the morning. As I was coming down the stairs I happened to glance up and saw exactly what your friend saw in her backyard, for a split second I noticed something just like that in the predator movies. It moved towards the chain link fence surrounding the front yard, I KNOW what I saw and I KNEW "it" knew I had seen it, since I was going down the stairs, I didn't want to fall and had to look down and when I looked back up it was gone. I know within my soul what I saw and it seemed a little amazed/startled that I saw it although I got the strong sense it wasn't particularly friendly. The best way to say it was it seemed a little annoyed with me for actually seeing it, like an adult would be if a child saw them doing something maybe they shouldn't have been doing. I continued to take my dog, walking towards where I had seen it. I wasn't afraid because somehow I knew it wasn't there anymore. My dog didn't notice it at all.

About the same time, maybe a few months later, I was walking out of work to take a break. The sun was just starting to rise, the sky went colors were light to dark blue and I happened to glance over to see a large airplane moving across the sky, in its path leaving an orange trail of exhaust. I remember thinking how pretty the dark blue, light blue and orange colors looked in the sky. That's when I notice two UFO'S by the plane. One was below it by the back end the other was above it almost in the middle but more towards the back end. Again I looked down for a split second and when I looked up again they were gone and the plane moved out of my range of view. They were both shaped like a short stack top hat, I was in awe that I saw this.

The next one happened when I was sleeping one night. I remember waking terrified, never experienced any terror like I felt that night. I could not open my eyes at all. I know all about sleep terrors from reading about them but don't believe this is what happened to me. I was panicking inside, full of horrible terror and all of a sudden heard what I KNEW was two beings communicating with each other, in their language, which sounded like clicking noises of different degrees, but I could also understand them telepathically and knew what they were saying. The one that was farther from me, who seemed like someone in a superior position to the one next to me, told it, 'she's awake.' I got the sense he was a little startled that I was awake and aware of them, then still terrified beyond words I just knew I had to wake up. I still couldn't open my eyes but was fully awake and aware, it was like being in two dimensions at once. I moved one arm against what I believed was their will, to my other arm so I could scratch my other arm as hard as I could to wake myself up but just couldn't. All this time I'm screaming in my head for my daughter in the the next room to come out and help me. In my mind I'm screaming 'help, help me wake up,' but I could hear myself quite clearly and was only moaning really loudly. Something told me to say the Lord's prayer, which is about the only Bible verse I know, and I did. All of a sudden I felt a sense of the most blissful eternal peace you could ever imagine, no words can even describe that sense of peace that came over me like a blanket. In a instant I was in a very deep sleep. I woke the next day holding on to that sense of peace for a few days. It was so intense but at night, before going to sleep for the next few days I slept with a knife under my pillow. I knew it couldn't have done anything to help me if they came back but it gave me a little piece of mind.

A few months later I woke up again, inside myself but unable to open my eyes. Same situation but this time I felt stronger and yelled / moaned really really loud and my daughter woke up and came out and started shaking me. It felt like I was pulled "into" my apt. It hasn't happened again, thank God!

The last happened when I was around 8, we lived in California. I was sitting in our living room playing with a new kitty, and across from the living room was our kitchen. I was the only one in the apt at this time, when all of a sudden, the kitchen light turned off and the kitchen door opened and closed, just like someone was leaving to go to the store for a minute. I was so scared I ran outside to stay with my sistes boyfriend. This apt was supposedly haunted by a man who was stabbed and died in the living room, which nothing ever happened in the living room, only the hallway and kitchen. My mom, sister, her boyfriend and two of their friends saw the face of a ghost in the hallway. Also at Christmas time, our tree stood right next to the hallway entrance and several times presents would fall over and ornaments would fly off the tree when no one was over in that area. I tried to look up and find any information on someone dying in that apt but couldn't find anything. I have also noticed that I sometimes have weird things happen when I'm around electricity, like lights have switched off, and streetlights will go off when I'm under them, hand-held electronics will go a little haywire when I use them. I read something about this and found it interesting. It doesn't happen all the time, just occasionally.

Well, I would like to thank you, in advance if you were able to read this email. I know it's long, but even if you're not able to, it just felt really good writing this down and sharing all this with you. Remember, if you use this, then please do not use the city I stated about in the ghost encounter, or any identifying information about me. I trust you. Have a wonderful day Lon. Sincerely, Anonymous


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