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Weekend 2 Cents: My Hybrid Son Visits Me -- The 'Static' Man -- UFO Alongside Airliner

My Hybrid Son Visits Me

Cambridge, MA - 2012-05-07: This incident happened at approximately 3AM in the morning. For some reason I can remember everything like it just happened. This was not a dream or a nightmare. I woke up to the sound of a child laughing. As I rolled over to see where the sound was coming from when, I saw the boy running back and forth beside my bed. I felt like something had control of my body. I couldn't move. My first instinct was to yell, but when I tried nothing would come out. At this point I then realized how bright my room was. It wasn't like sunlight, but it was so bright my whole room was light. I looked to my window and that's when I saw the large Grey alien out my window. Now what's weird is my window is on the second floor of the house so it must of been able to hold on somehow or levitate. I don't know if it was supposed too let me see it because when we made eye contact it seemed to teleport away. The only way I can describe the teleportation is that it went from a solid being to a static kaleidoscope type image and then vanished.

At that point I was able to move again. I remember going to the window and that's when I saw about six more of the tall alien Grey types slipping back into the woods. But it was so bright and at that point I could tell the light source was coming from directly above my house. I then remember the boy grabbing my hand and pulling me towards my bedroom door. I remember not really being able to fight back. I was in like a zombie state of mind. When I reached the top of my stairs just outside my room there was a woman sitting at the top of the steps. For some reason I didn't feel afraid anymore. She wore a pink hooded sweatshirt and grey sweatpants and she told me not to be afraid and that we have met before and that the boy was ours, but he lives with them (the Greys). From there all I remember was the 3 of us walking out of the house and then everything goes blank.

I will add, this is not my only experience with abduction. The reason why I know this really happened is that I remember telling my sister and brother-in-law this story and they both looked at each other in shock and told me how my brother-in-law's mother (who is my neighbor across the street) woke up randomly one night and she said that outside was so bright like brighter than the daylight were her words and it was coming from over my house, but she never went to the window because she was to scared. - MUFON


The 'Static' Man

Keith from Louisiana wrote in to tell of his weird encounter:

“It all started in 1998. It was about 10:00 PM. I was playing the classic game, Golden Eye. I was sitting on the top bunk of my bed. I had one of those old TVs you had to turn on with the pliers, you had to use to turn the channels. It was sitting on the tall dresser. Between the TV and the bunk bed was a space of about 5 feet in between. I was playing Golden Eye, trying to get the best time on faculty trying to unlock invincibility mode when I noticed a human shape standing in front of the TV and the bunk bed. It was so close to me, I could not move. I felt like if I would have moved, it would have moved with me. It had that Predator outline, like in the movies. It stood about six feet tall, very slim and looked like static, like you'd see in one of those old televisions when the cable goes out. I was so afraid, the only thing I could do was to call my little brother to come into the room and tell him to turn on the lights. As he ran into the room and turned on the lights, it disappeared. That was the last time I saw something like that.”

Source: Beyond The Darkness - April 23, 2018

Beyond Creepy


UFO Alongside Airliner

Claude wrote in to tell of his UFO sighting:

“I wanted to describe my experience witnessing a UFO with my mom in November of 1974. We were travelling on a red eye. It had just left Los Angeles. The cabin was quieting down after take off and the cabin lights were down. Usually in LA the airplane goes over the Pacific and then heads east. We had our window screen down because it was time to sleep but I happened to flip it up and look into the night sky and to our astonishment, there was a craft. I don't know how far away it was but it was long, horizontal, oval, cigar shaped object with lights on the bottom pulsing red and changing at the other end to blue. I said, 'Do you see what I see?' My mom confirmed but we were so horribly frightened that we closed it. We ignored it and just went back to sleep. I wish I could tell you more but I have yet to hear of lights pulsing and changing like that from UFO reports.”

Source: Darkness Radio – October 17, 2016

Beyond Creepy



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