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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

'Those Glaring Red Eyes!'

The following account was sent to me several years ago. I never got in contact with the eyewitness, since they lived in the UK. It may be possible that it was a third-person account, but I can't proof it. Anyway, it was just one of those encounter reports that was sitting in my incoming report file. I just wish I had more background on it:

I am hoping that there are other people who may have experienced the same thing. It involves my brother and this account is pieced together after became involved, and after discussing it with other people who remember it, mainly family members. I have not sugar-coated it or added anything, this is exactly as we remember it.

I grew up in a former coal mining town in the north of England. To give a little more background, this town is located between the cities of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and Durham. This area has had its share of UFO activity. This story goes back to when I was 9-years-old, back in 1997. At that time, I used to help my mother babysit my newborn cousin who lived in the same street. On this particular occasion, a Saturday night, my brother had decided to come too. He was 8-years-old at the time.

It was a normal evening, nothing out of the ordinary. My mother put the baby to bed around 8 PM and we started watching a movie. My father called to tell me that my mother had forgotten something in the house and asked me to go to pick it up. I left and then decided to stay with my father for an hour before going back. Then, the phone rang. I answered it as I was closest and it was my mother who was concerned about my brother who was freaking out.

I passed the phone to my dad and he said we would come get him. As we arrived, we found my brother on the couch, all white and crying with fear. My dad asked him what had happened, but he could only speak gibberish. However, he was able to say “I never want to stay in this house again. I want to go home”. My brother and I shared a room, and I still remember him crying all night. Needless to say, it was a sleepless night for the whole family. My brother never talked about what happened and true to his word, he never slept at my aunt’s house again.

Several years later, when my brother was about 16, he decided to open up about what had happened that night. We were alone in the house while my parents were on holiday. I asked him, just as I remember it, and he paused the computer game he was playing, stared at the pause screen and said:

“Mom sent me to check on our cousin (the baby), so I went upstairs. I didn’t turn the light on as the living room light was enough and I went into the baby’s room. Everything seemed normal at first. Then, I felt it. A strange presence, as if something was behind me. It wasn’t a feeling that something was there, but rather, an unknown certainty. A heavy breathing sound started and at first I thought it was the baby snoring, but it was too heavy; sort of like Darth Vader but more aggressive. I turned to the door slowly and saw a figure. It was dark but I could tell that its skin was green on its right side. What scared me most were its glaring red eyes that just stared at me. I hid behind the door thinking that I was going to die. It just stood there, staring at me through the crack in the door, its head turning to keep track of me with its red eyes. Those red eyes just staring at me. It seemed to stay there for about 20 minutes and I didn’t move as I thought it would hurt me. Then, it just disappeared. I think it may have opened the window and jumped out. I only realized it had gone when the heavy breathing stopped and the feeling of terror disappeared.”

Although my brother had claimed it felt like the incident lasted 20 minutes, he had literally been gone for one or two minutes.

I have to admit, his story was unsettling and I imagine that people would think its all made up. It’s quite a lot for a 9-year-old to remember. But he claims as he got older, he was able to describe it better, as this night has always been on his mind. My aunt was never told this story, but one day I asked her if she had ever seen or heard anything strange in her house, to which she replied, “Once when your brother was a toddler, he fell down the stairs. When we asked him if he was OK, he replied that the man with the red eyes had done it”. Although he was very young, he remembers it clearly to this day. He recalls looking back up the stairs, to see a figure standing there, just staring at him with those glowing red eyes. So, it seems it wasn’t the first time he had encountered this being.

My brother also claims to have had dreams about this ever since the babysitting incident occurred. One dream in particular was that he was playing with our Labrador in my mother’s home office in the evening. Then, out of the corner of his eye he noticed a figure walk past the door in the dark. The dog went crazy, snarling and barking; with all of his hairs standing on end, like a dog does it when it tries to make itself look bigger when under threat. But looking out into the darkness to see what the dog was barking at, there they were. Those staring red eyes.

For years, we have tried to make sense of it, doing a lot of internet research, writing on forums and so on, but have never came to any conclusions to what it was. I understand it is a lot to read, but maybe someone, after all these years, can shed some light on the whole thing? SB

NOTE: I believe I forwarded the account to another researcher the UK, but I don't recall receiving an update. Too bad the description wasn't more precise. Was it a non-terrestrial or possibly a manifested entity? I also wonder if this person still has bizarre encounters and/or dreams. Lon

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