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Friday, August 31, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Something Was Watching Over Me -- The Neighborhood Humanoid -- What Happened?

Something Was Watching Over Me

"I have a little story, this goes back to about the early 70s. I'm from Lynwood, Washington. My name is Tom. I was travelling across Nevada from Idaho down to California. And it was early in the morning and I was outside of Winnemucca about 5:30 or 6:00 AM. I was by myself. It was out in the desert area and it was virtually uninhabited. A car came up behind me with two inhabitants who basically started following right on my bumper. I became concerned because it became apparent that they were really interested in getting me stopped. They would pull up alongside and motion me over and things like that. I was afraid.

So as we went along, this played out for several miles and they kept motioning for me to pull over and they came up alongside and I became quite fearful. Well, the oddest thing happened, I had a flat tire and I could feel the car start to sway and I pulled up to a stop and off to the right was a house. These people pulled up in the car and stopped behind me. I didn't know what to do. I was afraid to get out and somebody came out of the house to a pick-up (truck) that was running. And now this was the only house in the area. There was no other house around. And he walked out and he looked and one of the people in the car pointed to this guy and they went ahead and pulled on by me and took off. So I got out and I looked at the man and he was doing something around the pick-up. So I went ahead and got my tire out and changed it and went on my way. Well, it made me quite fearful.

On the way back from California, on the way back to Idaho, I looked for this place. I wanted to stop because it left such a mark on me psychologically. I found the place. It was totally uninhabited. No windows. No doors. Just an old shack. I honestly feel that something kept me from being harmed. Something chased these two guys away. That is what happened.”

Source: Coast to Coast Radio - October 31, 1994

Beyond Creepy


The Neighborhood Humanoid

I grew up in a poor neighborhood in Alaska. My friends and I used to play outside together quite a bit. In the summer, we'd stay up way too late. One such summer night, when I was about 13, a friend and I were bumming around the neighborhood and chatting. My friend claimed that a person could see further in the night if they laid in the prone. I called BS, so naturally we had to test it out.

Before I continue, some context will help. We had lived in this neighborhood our whole lives. When we went to meet up to hang out, we would step outside, look down the street, and see each other coming from the other end of the street. I say this to impart upon you the strong possibility that we have an accurate perception of depth, size, and walking speed in relation to the objects present in our neighborhood.

So there we were, two kids, lying in the middle of the road at night (yes, we were incredibly stupid). We were looking off towards my house, which has exactly one intersection and exactly one street light visible in that direction. I was pretty content that I had won our little debate when a silhouette walked in front of that street light.

It was generally humanoid, but seemed to be very tall and lanky. It's head seemed vaguely ovoid, but the rest of it's body seemed kind of stretched out, too. It's movements were fluid and lithe. I don't know how to describe it exactly... smooth motions, like if walking were swimming. It appeared to be highly efficient motions, in a sense. The silhouette did not appear to be wearing any clothes.

The hair on my neck stood up immediately, and I realized I was holding my breath with fear. It crossed the street very quickly, emerging from a set of pines on the one side and disappearing into a set of pines on the other. It seemed to cross in three glide-like steps, lasting only a moment. So, much quicker than adult human.

My friend whispered in a panicked tone, "Did you see THAT?" I said that I had, and we agreed to get the hell out of there. We ran back to his house, locked the front door, then went to his room to bolt the windows and locked his bedroom door just to be on the safe side. Naturally, I decided to crash there, but we just stayed up talking about what we saw and what it could be.

I've told this story a couple times, and people always blow me off. Which is fine. I can appreciate skepticism. But the extra weird part, for anyone that bothers to believe me, is that we met someone else in our town who experienced the same thing.

That same friend and I eventually wound up working for a pizza restaurant together as young adults. We were telling our assistant manager, not much older than us, that same story. He looked super spooked as we talked about it, and when he finished he said he saw it once, too, when he was walking home from a high school party. Once he saw it, he turned around and went back to the party to try to find a place to crash there, unpleasant as that was.

So, here I am. I mostly keep it to myself, but when people are willing to listen I share it with the general sense that if they make fun of me I'll be alright. My coworkers now are surprisingly cool with it. They don't believe me, but they bought me an x-files mug that says "I want to believe," just to show that it's no big deal. Good dudes.

Despite so many people telling me my brain was playing tricks on me, I still keep my ear to the ground about humanoids, ETs, "supernatural" phenomena, and the like. Seen a couple UFOs since then, but nothing big. - baltarstar - www.reddit.com/r/Humanoidencounters/


What Happened?

Imus from California called to tell of a weird experience he had:

“I'm an avid bike rider. I'm in Sun City, California riding up the hill on my way home and I, all of a sudden, everything stopped. I don't remember actually falling but when I did wake up in my bed, I was scabbed on my shoulder and my bike was perfectly put in the backyard where I always put it and I'm in my house, I'm in the bed, and the doors locked. Nothing is touched. The only odd thing about is that I had a perfectly round circle on my wrist. Everyone is always asking me, what is that? What happened? You know, it is inconsistent with a fall. It had like a little, a little, on the right, in the center of it there's like a line in it, so there was like something in it. I know it seems odd to say but that is exactly what's going on and that, I mean, after it happened, I just forgot about it but the more I think about it, it's extremely odd. As much as I ride a bike, I occasionally fall but I don't remember falling, I don't remember any type of pain but what is extremely odd is that I woke up in my bed, on my back, my bike is perfectly where I put it all the time and I have this circle, as if it was a mark or something on my wrist.”

Source: Coast to Coast – October 31, 2004

Beyond Creepy



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