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Friday, August 24, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Mortician Recalls 'Alien Body' -- Scaly 'Monster' Attacks Car -- UFO Encounters Affect Cellphone

Mortician Recalls 'Alien Body'

The following report was posted today at the MUFON CMS:

1964-01-01: A couple years ago, my wife and daughter were visiting Lou Roberts in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Lou is an old friend of my wife’s father Jim Piper. Lou and Jim became life-long friends when they were morticians in the early 60’s. Lou shared with us a fascinating experience regarding what he believed was a autopsied alien body that he discovered in a child’s casket and vault in the basement of Olinger's Mortuary where he worked. He did some research at the time and found a connection to alien bodies that disappeared following the Roswell incident, and the being he saw in the child's casket. Fortunately he wrote down the experience and had it published by a small publisher in New Mexico. Unfortunately, Lou and his wife lost his copy of the book when they threw out a lot of their stuff.

After a lot of phone calls to libraries, I was successful in finding a copy of the small book, (30 or so pages.) the book is called; "They Were Here" written by Lou Roberts. He also shared with us his memories of another encounter with "visitors" as a child that he had on two occasions, and later a tiny foreign object discovered in his ankle. Lou is getting up there in years and we plan to visit him and video him recalling his experiences. Until lately, Lou has rarely spoken of his experiences, but I think due to his age, is now fine sharing his story. He has no photos, only memories and a book describing his strange experience.

The reason I am contacting you is that I need advice of where and who I can share his book for the record. It's a bit of a long story, and I was hoping you could give me a call when you have a moment.

Thank you, Terry Shakespeare


Scaly 'Monster' Attacks Car

The following article was published in the "Greenville News," November 10, 1958:

Riverside, Calif.--A funny thing happened to Charlie Wetzel on the way home Saturday night.

A monster jumped out at him.

That's what he told authorities who planned to continue an investigation of the incredible story.

Wetzel, 24, a resident of nearby Bloomington, reported soberly that he was driving on a street near Riverside when a frightening creature jumped in front of his car.

"It had a round, scarecrowish head," he said, "like something out of Halloween.

"It wasn't human. It had a longer arm than anything I'd ever seen. When it saw me in the car it reached all the way back to the windshield and began clawing at me.

"It didn't have any ears. The face was all round. The eyes were shining like something fluorescent and it had a protuberant mouth. It was scaley, like leaves."

Wetzel said he became terrified when the creature reached over the hood of his car and began clawing at the windshield. He said he reached for a .22 pistol he had in the car.

"I held that pistol and stomped on the gas," he said. "The thing fell back from the car and it gurgled.

"The noise it made didn't sound human. I think I hit it. I heard something hit the pan under the car."

Sheriff's officers said Wetzel pointed at some thin, sweeping marks he said the creature made on his windshield. They went to the scene of the claimed apparition but said they could find nothing to prove or disprove Wetzel's story.

The scene is at a point where North Main Street dips and crosses the Santa Ana River bed, which is usually almost dry.

Wetzel said he told the story to his wife and she induced him to phone authorities. "I kept saying no one would believe a story like this," he said.

Sheriff's Sgt. E. R. Holmes said he thought perhaps a large vulture might have flopped on the hood of Wetzel's car--"Sometimes cars hit them when they're in the road eating rabbits cars have killed," he said. So he searched the area himself Sunday. "But," said Holmes, "I didn't even find a feather."


UFO Encounters Affect Cellphone

Mitch from Vancouver called to tell of his UFO experiences:

“I want to share an experience because there has been a lot of activity, UFO-wise, in Vancouver. Back in February of this year (2012), back when it snowed really bad. It was just a quick snowstorm happened out of the blue and then it was gone, basically gone the next day. Anyway, I was standing outside with my friends and then all of these green lights, you know how a laser pointer looks in the fog, things like that? There were these four green lights, spread out. It looked like a scanner almost, they came down from the sky, they passed over our house and then as soon as they passed over our house, there were other houses on the block that it could hit, it wasn't very wide, it was about the size of a house, maybe two houses and in each of those houses. It hit those houses it disappeared and as it disappeared... or after it disappeared, you could hear three like really loud gunshots. They sounded like gunshots, just bang bang bang.

Later on this year, I was in Beaverton (Ontario), I just got off work and I was coming outside and there was this white flash of light. Just huge. It covered the whole area, almost looked like lightning, but no cloud in the sky anywhere. I thought maybe a transformer got hit. There was no noise. You would hear that at our house, you would hear it from far away. I thought those were both strange experiences. Now, after each of these, my phone went gobbledygook. It started vibrating and I pull it out of my pocket and the screen is completely garbled. I can't discern any information from it and then it just shuts off. And everything works fine afterwards. I thought those were the strangest things I've ever encountered and I know I sound like a nut, maybe. I don't care.”

Source: Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis - September 7, 2012

Beyond Creepy


Wildfire Near Berlin Detonates WWII Ammunition

Firefighters struggled Friday to tame a wildfire southwest of Berlin but had to maneuver carefully as the blaze set off old World War II ammunition that is still buried in the forests around the German capital.

Flames forced the evacuation of several nearby villages and sent clouds of acrid smoke toward the German capital.

The fire, which was the size of 500 soccer fields, has already set off several detonations of old ammunition, according to local lawmaker Christian Stein. Firefighters were not allowed to enter suspicious areas.

“The ammunition is very dangerous, because one cannot step on the ground, and therefore one cannot get close to the fire” to extinguish it, Brandenburg state’s governor, Dietmar Woidke, told reporters. Read more at Huge wildfire southwest of Berlin sets off WWII arms blasts



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