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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Bigfoot Hunter's Alien Experience -- Strange Debris Found at Dyatlov Pass -- Bigfoot 'Official Animal' of NC Town

Bigfoot Hunter's Alien Experience

Jeffrey Teagle, avid Bigfoot Hunter and host of Chattahoochee Bigfoot Radio, answered a question from a fan on whether or not he had ever encountered an alien:

“Yes, I have seen what I believe to be Greys and I've seen them on two different occasions. Once when I was a child. I had an experience one night. I was probably around 6 or 7 years old. I remember sitting up in the bed. You know, back there in those days, back when I was a kid, people didn't lock their doors, stuff like that. I kind of lived out in somewhat of a rural area and I remember the door coming open one night and this light coming through it. I mean just this bright, like a bluish-white light and I remember seeing this little person come walking in and he had this kind of leotard jumpsuit on and he came up and he sat down on the bed with me. And here I am, five or six years old, freaking out, you know. And I'm freaking out and I'm trying to scream but nothing is coming out. This creature, being, or whatever it was, just kind of sat there a minute, then it got up and walked into the kitchen. And my little curious ass went in there and there was nothing in there. So I kind of chalked it up to being some kind of childhood dream or hallucination or something like that.

It wasn't until I was an adult that I saw a similar being, almost in the same way. You know, I think I had just gotten married at that time back in like '96 or '97 and, you know, the thing came into my house in the same type of manner. So have I seen them? Well, if I haven't seen them then I've had some pretty damn vivid dreams of them. Now if you want to look at it from the perspective of, have I seen them while I was Bigfoot hunting? Well, I haven't seen a creature per se but I have seen some very very strange craft-like objects and funny glowing little lights and stuff going through the woods and stuff while I was Bigfooting. I don't know. Even now, I'm a tad bit unsure if what I seen was even real but I'm 99% sure that, yes, I have seen aliens.”

Source: Chattahoochee Bigfoot Radio - November 9, 2012

Beyond Creepy


Bigfoot 'Official Animal' of NC Town

A North Carolina mountain community that gained national attention last year for a reported Bigfoot sighting is proclaiming the mythical creature its “official animal.”

Marion town officials say the proclamation is largely ceremonial, but serves as acknowledgment that elements of the community believe the mythical animal actually exists.

Mayor Stephen Little admits in the fine print that he’s never actually seen a Bigfoot, but he says anyone coming to Marion might see one.

The proclamation takes effect Sept. 8, the same day Marion is hosting a Bigfoot festival that intends to assemble an abundance of documentation “proving” the creature’s existence. Including eyewitness accounts, videos of sightings and audio of Bigfoot sounds, festival officials said. Read more at Bigfoot — real or not — is being proclaimed the ‘official animal’ of Marion, NC


Strange Debris Found at Dyatlov Pass

A tourist found around the neck of Dyatlov, in the Urals, a metal object that he thinks is a missile coin. This pass is infamous for the mysterious disappearance of nine skiers-hikers in the night of February 1 to 2, 1959, which gave rise to many speculations.

A metal object, one meter in length and width, was discovered by a tourist in the region of the Dyatlov pass in the Urals, where mysterious dissenters hikers, say Russian media.

According to Yuri Kountsevich, head of the Foundation for the Memory of Yuriy Dyatlov's group, the discovery had actually been made in 2008, but it is only recently that an expedition managed to get it down send to Yekaterinburg for analysis. Read more at The wreckage of a missile discovered on the Dyatlov pass where hikers disappear


ARCANE RADIO IS BACK! on the Paranormal King Radio Network

Facebook event announcement: Joshua Cutchin - Fortean Researcher and Author - Arcane Radio

Join me as I welcome Fortean researcher and author Joshua Cutchin to Arcane Radio. Joshua is a North Carolina native with a longstanding interest in Forteana. He holds a Masters in Music Literature and a Masters in Journalism from the University of Georgia. He is also a published composer and maintains an active performing schedule as a jazz and rock tuba player, having appeared on eight albums and live concert DVDs. Joshua has written 3 well-received books, including his latest title 'Thieves in the Night: A Brief History of Supernatural Child Abductions.' You can find his website at JoshuaCutchin.com. This should be a very informative show! Join us this Friday, August 24th at 9PM ET / 6PM PT on ParanormalKing.com - Meet us in the chat room...just click the banner or go to www.paranormal.olicentral.com



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