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Monday, July 23, 2018

Menacing Bigfoot in Kentucky

I received a telephone call from the witness 'JB' On Saturday July 21, 2018 at 2:37 AM ET:

The witness 'JB' and his 13-year-old son were returning home from fishing at Bennett's Paylake in Bullitt County, Kentucky (24 hour fishing permitted). It was approximately 10:30 PM ET on Friday night July 20th. They were driving in their pickup, and had just turned onto Highway 44.

Then the witness' son yelled out that something large and on 2 legs was running along side of the truck on the passenger side. It was keeping pace with the truck and was about 30 foot off the road in a field. When they reached the nearest driveway, JB slammed on the brakes and turned the truck around, attempting to drive back and see what whatever it was his son had described.

As they started to head back on the highway, a large hairy bi-pedal creature stepped out of a wooded gully along the road (near Applegate Run) and stood in front of the truck. It was illuminated by the headlights...approximately 10 foot away from the witnesses. They immediately noticed an awful sickening stench in the air (described as smelling like 'old roadkill'). The creature was 8-9 ft. in height and very broad at the shoulders, possibly 5 ft in width. The body was covered in reddish-brown thick hair, though the face was hairless with dark leathery skin. The body had well-defined muscles that were observed moving under the hair. The eyes shined a red tint. It had a menacing look and disposition, and emanated 'low whooping sounds'...similar to grunts.

The witness always carried a sidearm with him, and he reached for it. He extended the gun out of his window and yelled for the creature to 'stay away.' The reaction of the creature was that it recognized the gun and immediately became alarmed, producing louder 'whooping sounds' and taking a more aggressive stance...leering directly at JB.

By this time, JB's son was mortified and started to scream. JB then fired a warning shot above the creature, and it quickly headed off into the nearby woods. Fearing it would come back from behind them and attack, JB slammed on the accelerator and quickly turned the truck around...speeding down the highway towards home. His residence was less than a 1/2 mile from the location of the incident.

A few hours later, JB found my witness report information on Google and gave me a call. Quite honestly, he was one of the most terrified witnesses I have ever talked to...exclaiming that he had no idea what this 'thing' was and that he grew up in the outdoors, never witnessing anything like that before! I could hear the phone rattling in his hands, and his voice continuously breaking. He said 'I'm never going fishing or hunting again!'

After I was able to explain to JB that I believe that he may have encountered a Bigfoot, and that I had also seen a similar being in 1981, he recounted an incident that his neighbor had experienced. Apparently a large creature had been visiting the neighbor's yard the previous summer and had triggered the motion detectors. The neighbor had caught a fleeting glance of the creature as it exited towards the woods, but the description was not of a being comparable in size.

The location of this encounter was in an area just south of Louisville, KY. Bullitt County is known for a number of Bigfoot reports over the years.

Location of the encounter

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