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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Freaked Out by a Shadow Being

Youtube personality and low-budget movie star Ryan Higa speaking on the 'Off The Pill Podcast' discussed the topic of ghosts and an experience he had in 2010 while staying Alhambra, California:

“I would put myself under unsure. I would lean toward more towards yes than unsure because also I don't trust sometimes my own mind. This was very visual. In fact I can tell this story because it I don't know... let's say can I tell this... it's not that scary. I mean, I could be saying anything. You guys don't have to believe me but this is the story.

We were shooting 'Agents of Secret Stuff' so whatever year that was. We just had finished that. I was staying at Phil (Philip Wang, director) and Wes' (Wesley Chan, director) house. They were living together in Alhambra, California. Wong Fu Productions. While we were filming, I was living with them because I was... I lived in Vegas, so I was staying with them for a couple weeks. And we had just finished 'Agents of Secret Stuff'...I'm gonna guess 2010 (Production notes state the film was shot over the span of a week in 2010). I was staying on their couch. They both had rooms upstairs. Their couch was downstairs so we're in Alhambra at their apartment and it was about, I'm gonna guess, 2:30 or 3:00 o'clock AM... 3 AM and I was just on my computer on their couch, just, I don't know, doing whatever, probably on Facebook or whatever, and then I'm lying on their couch... I'm trying to paint this room for you. So say this is the couch. I'm lying here and then they have a sliding door right here (behind it) so this is the back of the couch. I'm lying on it they have a sliding door right here behind the couch.

So it's all dark. It's 3:00 AM and the only light that's coming into the room is from the streetlights which is like a yellowish light coming from the street outside. Vertical blinds that are all open. They're like all the way spread out across the sliding door but they're all opened and not closed so the light is still coming in. At some point I just caught something at the side of my eye, so obviously I just looked and normally when you have, like, you know, scary things, scary things happen, you kind of look and they're gone. This time when I looked, I just saw like a silhouette, right, and it's walking by so I thought somebody was walking by, you know, by the house and I thought, 'Well that's weird, it's like 3:00 AM. Why would somebody be walking by?' That's kind of sketchy but the weirder thing is it looked like it was on the inside, so it was like a very dark shadowy figure and it looked like it was on the inside because it was blocking, but it was in front of the light. It was blocking the light. And basically what really scared me was this thing walked across the sliding door and behind it as if his hand was out like this (extends hand at side) the blinds were moving with it.

Then, this is the crazier thing, I thought maybe this could be the wind. At the time I wasn't thinking. I started thinking after the fact. It turned around, right. This figure turned around and walked the other way and the blinds started going the other way. They started clashing because it was like going one way and they start going the other way and then that's when I freaked out. It looked like a very tall dark figure with kind of longer hair. I'm assuming a guy. It was kind of a shadow but you could kind of see features. It was really... it was still dark but you could kind of see like clothing features but it was so dark that it was just like a dark figure. It was the old street light color and it was in front of it so it's kind of silhouetted and I'm looking directly at it. There was like a pathway like they're enclosed in their own thing like it wasn't on the street. There's no way on someone in the complex was walking by but that's beside the point because it was on the inside. The blinds were moving one way as if he was touching the blinds like this and walking by, he turned around and then it looked like as if he walked or like his shoulder or something was hitting it and it went the other way.

That's when I started freaking because I heard the sound of the blinds. It was completely silent (in the room). I didn't hear footsteps. I just saw this thing walking one way, turn around and then the blinds started clashing. I could hear the blinds. That's what freaked me out more than anything. Not even seeing it, just the sound of the blinds is what freaked me out and at that moment, after that happened, because I'm literally looking at it not understanding what I'm seeing but when I heard the blinds that's when I freaked out. I put the blanket over my head. I had my laptop. Up to that I didn't believe in ghosts. I used to go ghost hunting in Hawaii with Sean. They'll tell you, we used to go to all the most haunted places. I never heard or saw anything. That was my natural reaction.

I picked up my phone which was near my laptop, which is on my lap. I put the bag over my head and I called Phil and I said, 'You need to come down here right now!' And, like, maybe, like, I don't know how long it took him, he came down and turned on the lights. Thank God. He turned on the lights, came down the stairs. He was like super tired. It was late at night. I start to get up. I was about to tell him what I just saw and he said, 'I don't want to know. Don't tell me. I don't want to know. I have to live here.' And then I just, that was the last we spoke about it. I went upstairs with Phil. I took my blanket. I sound like such a little poon right now but yeah. You would freak out if that happened to you. I did. So this is why I said 'unsure' because I was extremely tired. I could have been, like, I wasn't, like, drinking. I wasn't doing any of that. I was just very tired because we just finished a really long shoot so this is why I say I'm unsure because I was very tired.”

Source: HigaTV's 'Off The Pill Podcast - Real Ghost Stories!? (ft. David Choi)' published on 22 Jun 2018

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