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Monday, July 02, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: My Life of Strange Events -- 'Please pass the Iguana...' -- Woman Discovered Alive in Mortuary Cooler

My Life of Strange Events

I recently received the following accounts from a reader in Ireland:

Hi Lon,

I've been an avid reader of you're site for a good few years. I enjoy reading witnesses first hand accounts of their encounters with various entity's and paranormal experiences.

It never dawned on me to share my own experiences until now. I do this in the hope that it will help others, in some meaningful way, who may be having similar experiences.

I live in south eastern Ireland and have done so all my life.

My first experience happened when I was very young.

I had gone to a motorbike racing event with my family that day and was exhausted by the time we got home. I immediately went straight to bed. I awoke abruptly in the middle of the night to see a figure peering at me from behind a small white locker at the end of my brothers bed. It was all completely black like a shadow. I could not see any features only the outline of what looked like long hair which extended to the bottom it's neck. The locker was only a few feet high so this entity must of been very short. When I seen it it immediately retreated back behind the locker.

After this I got up and caused a bit of a commotion, taking the sweeping brush from the kitchen and trying to route it out from under the bed! I awoke the rest of my family. My parents fobbed it off as a dream.

This was the beginning of a string of strange events that have followed me throughout my life.

After this event I began to hear a strange sound on the carpet if I was in the room alone or it was very quiet, but more so at night. It was like someone slowly moving along the carpet or dragging their hand across it very slowly. At first this really frightened me, I did not like to be in my room alone at night and avoided it as much as possible. But as time went on it became a slight annoyance. With me proclaiming "Just show yourself" out of frustration on a few occasions!

I began to have night terrors and sleep paralysis with the feeling of strange monsters sitting on my chest growling and holding me down. I would scream for my parents but nothing would come out.

On another occasion I awoke early one morning around five or six a.m. I heard the dragging on the carpet which seemed louder and clearer that usual. I called to my brother in the bed opposite me when suddenly a plastic bag, which was lying on the ground, flew up in the air of it's on accord. There were no windows, doors or air vents open. The room was very still.

I eventually moved into the spare room on my own. When here I started to hear the key turning in the door on it's own. It always seemed to happen when I was just about asleep or in between sleeping and awake. At the time it happened I was always one hundred percent sure it was happening, but the next day I would always second guess myself.

My brother and I had always had an interest in paranormal, mysteries, UFO's etc. So I would tell him everything. My brothers room was right next to mien. He would always stay up all night on the internet while our parents slept to avoid them taking it away from him. It was very quiet in the night there and you could literally have a conversation with someone across the park by speaking lowly. One night while I was in the bed my brother burst into my room proclaiming that he had heard the key turning in the door. I knew then that it wasn't just in my mind.

Early one morning I awoke to see a dark shape at the end of my bed. It was roughly in a stretched triangular shape. It quickly disappeared and then reappeared closer to me at my feet. Then disappearing and reappearing even closer at my knees. This continued until it was right by my face. I then blanked out and didn't awake until the morning.

Other times I would awake in the middle of the night and see strange shapes swirling in front of me. Staring at them I would think "That is actually there, it's real" but the next day I would't be so
sure and would second guess myself.

Another time I could hear the usual dragging on the carpet. At this stage I was so used to it that I wasn't that afraid. Suddenly I heard a strange wailing outside that sounded like a woman. It did not frighten me as I was puzzled as to what it could be. But then I heard the sound of a baby crying. My knees instantly turned to jelly as I recognized what it was. The Banshee! I had heard tales about her being the hearld of death and that it sometimes was accompanied by the sound of a baby crying.

This sound was not stationary but all over the place. At one point it would be outside my window and the next it would be across the park then back outside my window and then a quarter of a mile away in a field. All of this in a very short time span that was not physically possible.

When I told people about it they dismissed it as cats, but this was not cats. I know what the sound of cats is like as I used to hear them fighting all the time while staying in my grandparents house when I was younger. They would start screeching out of the blue right on the windowsill. They would scare the life out of you!!! But this was quite clearly the sound of a human baby crying and a woman wailing and moaning. The next day I found out that my grandmothers sister had been found dead that morning...
After this experience I knew that there was more to all of the stories of fairies and the like as I had heard first hand the "legend" that was the Banshee. I knew now there was more to all the stories and legends told.

My friends told me of a similar experience they had one night after a party in my parents shed. My parents shed was kitted out with a bar, sound system and pool table. We went there after the pub one night, I think it may of been someones birthday. After a night of drinking I went to bed and my friends went to walk home as it was the middle of the country. It was early morning by this time. As they were walking they said that they heard a strange moaning and wailing noise, going through the fields, that sounded like nothing they ever heard. It moved all around them from one area to the next moving too quickly to be a physical entity. They said that it was all over the place but didn't see anything. They were so terrified that they literally grabbed a hold of each other and ran all the way home!

This reaffirmed my experience.

In the night I began to have a recurring dream about being chased by a black bull in a fenced off area nearly always on a beach or sometimes in a field. Every-time I would reach the fence and climb it within inches of freedom the bull would catch me and stick it's horns in me. This would result in me waking up with an actual physical sensation in my lower back where the bulls horns had penetrated. It was like someone was poking my lower back with their finger. It was a similar sensation as if someone tickled you're underarm. This sensation began to occur with other dreams also. In those dreams there was always a malevolent presence. I could not speak or move. I always got the overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, pointlessness and fear. But I would never give up resisting it. It was like it was trying to break my will and make me give up but I always held on. It felt like my very being was hanging from the thinnest of threads and what was the point in holding on, that it was going to happen anyway, but I always did. It always eventually stopped in the end. This went on for years.

In the night I would wake up and have a feeling of dreading familiarity like "Oh this again" but the next day I would usually forget about it. Only remembering again the next time that it happened. More recently I would awake in the middle of the night and feel like that I was just about to die. It felt like there was absolutely nothing between me and the veil of death. I would be overcome with overwhelming fear of which I have never known before. I felt like I was completely empty and void of a soul or spirit. It was terrible. I believe that this entity was inducing this feeling and feeding off of my fear. This started to happen very frequently and nearly every night at one stage. I always forgot about it during the day.

As the years went by I very seldom had the night terror/sleep paralysis experiences with the strange sensation in my back. I didn't experience it for years until one night very recently.

I was in the half awake half asleep state and could feel the sensation in my back along with a malevolent presence. For the first time I seemed to have level of control so I visualized a protection technique that I learned previously. When I done this I heard a mocking/jeering laugh! I heard this very distinctly. After this I awoke fully. This was the first time I heard anything like that.

I believe that this entity could have been a Jinn. As they usually take a black shadow like form. But whatever it was it was feeding off of me like a parasite. There is so much we do not understand about the spiritual realm and this is being taken advantage of by entity's like these praying on unsuspecting people like naive tourists in a foreign country. We need to understand how to protect ourselves from these beings if we are to advance spiritually as I think that they have means to influence our thoughts,emotions and unconscious mind in attempts to keep us in repetitive destructive cycles so that we remain stagnant and easy for them to feed off of.

How many people that are assigned to mental institutions that hear "voices" are actually mentally unwell or are they being tormented from another plane making them mentally unwell?

How many people that commit heinous crimes commit them out of their own free will or are under the insidious influence of emotional harvesting beings?

How many people who commit suicide actually think bad thoughts about themselves or are their self destructive thoughts being influenced by an unseen force with bad intentions to entrap their soul when they die?

Just something to think about...



Woman Discovered Alive in Mortuary Cooler

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“There is no proof of any negligence by our crew,” Distress Alert operations manager Gerrit Bradnick told TimesLive. "This did not happen because our paramedics are not properly trained. Equipment used to determine life showed no form of life on the woman."

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