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Friday, July 06, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Mom Disappears...Then Reappears -- Meet the Venusians -- BC Missing Time Events

Mom Disappears...Then Reappears

“When I was around 11 or 12 my parents and I went to a theme park roughly 3 hours away from where we live. My dad and I had gone to the water park section of the park and my mom doesn't swim so she sat at a table watching us while we went on the water rides. When we were done, my mom, our dry clothes, and her belongings were gone. Nobody was sitting by the tables where she was sitting. We walked around the park for nearly an hour looking for her and calling her cell phone. She never answered. In an act of desperation we went back to the water park area only to find my mom sitting there with all of the belongings. We had asked her where she had gone and she said she had sat there for the entire time. She said she had been waiting on us all day, and even stranger, she had attempted to call both of us and had record on her cell of the calls to us, but not from us, and vice versa. To this day I still wonder what happened.” - Alderknight

Beyond Creepy


BC Missing Time Events

The lady told me she saw an unusual object in the night sky on July 31, 2003 in Kelowna, BC. She also told me she has a habit of glancing up into the sky as she has a beautiful view of the stars and it is very dark in her area. On this night the woman had already turned in, but couldn't sleep due to how warm it was in her home. The lady got up out of bed and went outside for some weird reason and when outside the lady looked towards the south. As the witness sat out looking around she spotted something, her thoughts were there shouldn't be any airplanes out here at this time of night, but there was something very strange. She watched an object traveling from east to west and described the object as being almond in shape and a luminas green in color. The witness also reports only seeing one green light.

The lady reports that from their location, which was not at all far away from the two ladies who experienced the missing time, something very strange took place. She brought out her camera to take some pictures, but as she tried to take her photos, the camera would not work. It went dead! Also she reports that the evening was warm, and she could hear coyotes cutting up. But soon they became silent, and so did everything else around them including the crickets which were making some noise. She said it was if someone had clicked off a switch. The air went from a nice sweet smelling night to a musty cold in this dead silence.

Also this witness said that two nights ago a person telephoned the radio station (CKOV) on an open line call in program and reported seeing a streak of light, and at the front of this streak a round ball was noted and the caller reported "it" had landed somewhere in South East Kelowna in the exact area where the green object had been witnessed, also where the two ladies had their missing time event. - NUFORC / HBCC UFO Research


Meet the Venusians: An Interview with the “Cosmic Ray”

By Alan Zanjani

At all of his appearances along the lecture circuit, Dr. Raymond A. Keller, a.k.a. the “Cosmic Ray,” follows up his power point presentations with a question and answer session. At that time, he addresses various issues brought up in all his award-winning and best-selling Venus Rising trilogy of books. No question seems to be too difficult for the Cosmic Ray.

At one program in the Philadelphia area, an attendee asked about some radio transmissions apparently coming from the surface of the cloudy planet Venus; and the doctor rattled off a complete list of frequencies that the questioner, and the audience, could check out for themselves. I verified them in my own copy of Venus Rising, and he was spot on to three numbers past the decimal point.

Later, when visiting the Cosmic Ray at his home in Morgantown, West Virginia, I asked him some more questions about the alleged telegraphic signals from the radio station on the surface of Venus. At that instant, the doctor went into his Venus vault of documents and pulled out a now faded newspaper clipping. The Venus radio transmissions were first announced on the front page of the Tuesday, 5 June 1956 edition of the Chicago Daily Tribune in no less than a banner headline, “Navy Gets Radio Signals from Venus, Astronomers Hear Planet on Ham Wave,” by Phillip Warden, a staff reporter at the Daily Tribune. The Cosmic Ray talks about people and incidents from over fifty or sixty years ago like they just happened yesterday afternoon. Even people who initially scoff at the idea of flying saucers from Venus buy a set of the doctor’s books before the meeting is over.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

On 9 May 2018, I went along with the Cosmic Ray to attend the monthly meeting of the Science Evaluating Anomalies Research Center of Harrisburg (SEARCH), held at the Lower Paxton Township Municipal Building at 425 Prince Street in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was a fantastic meeting, to be sure, as I and all in attendance were totally blown away by the doctor’s presentation. But rather than take my word for what happened, here is a summary of the meeting provided by Tony Pugliese for the paranormal group’s official website,

“Greetings, lovers of the paranormal: This month at SEARCH we were pleased to have with us a special guest lecturer: The ‘Cosmic Ray’ himself, Dr. Raymond Keller, II, renowned author of the Venus Rising trilogy, a series of nonfiction books chronicling the history of the planet Venus, and including mythology, fact, and everything in between. Hailing from nearby West Virginia, Dr. Keller has been a longtime investigator of the paranormal, especially anything related to UFOs and other forms of extraterrestrial visitation.

“It’s rare to have a veteran of the early years of UFO investigation here, and his presentation did not disappoint. It focused mostly on his third book, entitled Cosmic Ray’s Excellent Venus Adventure. The book chronicles Dr. Keller’s own experiences with the extraterrestrial, including a purported contact between himself and several Venusians at a recent paranormal festival. It sounds quite bizarre of course…but Cosmic Ray, ever the consummate investigator, has reams and reams of documentation and photographs from a wide variety of sources to back up his claims.

“During the presentation we were given a good idea of the scope of extraterrestrial contact that we might be encountering here on Earth, including the apparent claims of a Canadian official that we are, in fact, being visited by around 80 species! Of course it’s impossible to verify these claims, but the preponderance of evidence that we are being visited by something (or ‘several somethings’) unearthly remains overwhelming. Dr. Keller also gave great insight into extraterrestrial technology that sent everyone in the room scrambling for their cell phones to Google the information he was giving us. This was a truly eye opening presentation that makes us all long for the days of the ‘flying saucer clubs’ of the 1950s, back when all of this was both recent national news and serious business.”

Insofar as I have enjoyed the opportunity of accompanying the doctor to quite a few meetings, I can honestly say that Tony’s impressions reflected a similar response by nearly all who have taken the opportunity to attend one of the Cosmic Ray’s intriguing Venus presentations.

Dr. Raymond Keller, the “Cosmic Ray,” manning a Venus booth at a recent street fair in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. The doctor answered many questions about his controversial life and the Venus Rising series of books. Photo courtesy of the Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Chronicle newspaper, 29 June 2018.

Here the doctor provides some answers to a few of the commonly asked questions about the planet Venus and the Venusians:

Questions and Answers about Venus and Venusians

Q. In your Venus books, frequent mention is made of reincarnation. How does this esoteric subject relate to the Venusians?

A. Many souls of Earth and other planets in the solar system and beyond reincarnate on Venus, having reached the highest plateau of spiritual mastery in this density, preparatory to their transition into the higher dimensions. In turn, after several lifetimes on Venus, some souls return to the spheres of lower degree in order to serve the inhabitants of these worlds as teachers, or avatars of a cosmic gnosis essential for guiding their students in making their own transitions to Venus; onward and upward, as it is.

Most of the brothers and sisters of Venus working here on Earth have been here before, in prior incarnations. Essentially, they are attempting to awaken us to the reality of our own misguided thinking in so many avenues. They long ago succeeded in honing their intellects and setting aside their individual egos. Those that are reincarnated here on Earth are always to be found channeling their energies into service on behalf of others. Of course, they are interested in accomplishment, but never for themselves. They are always working for the betterment of all.

Should one arrive at the point of being reincarnated on Venus, there is a hall of records there that can be freely accessed to reveal all previous incarnations in the denser realms. This hall of records has a machine that taps into a crystal ice cave below the wind-swept surface of the planet Uranus. You can literally find out anything you want to know about any prior lifetime.

There are a few individuals who have bypassed the so-called “Wheel of Life,” however; and these are the ones who have been “translated” to Venus for their worthy deeds on Earth in behalf of their fellow beings. Annalee Skarin of American Falls, Idaho, was taken up bodily from Mt. Shasta in California. She never experienced a physical death and went straight up to Venus. She now looks like a beautiful teenager. The key to this bodily translation is found in her nine esoteric books. I can’t praise Annalee Skarin enough. Her books constitute a marvelous work and a wonder.

Q. You have frequently mentioned the concept and state of happiness in many of your lectures. Can you elaborate on this, from a Venusian perspective?

A. Of course, it would be my pleasure. I want the people attending my lectures to know that the Venusians are a happy people. This is the type of happiness that should not be equated with emotionalism, and the drama that accompanies it here on Earth. The Venusians possess an inner joy that comes from carrying out a well-done task. Everything the Venusians do carries an imbedding of their own individual and collective life force. Suffice it to say, the Venusians have the utmost respect for everything. This is because they recognize the Divine Spark in all of creation, and especially other sentient beings that they share the cosmos with.

Q. What about fears? Are the Venusians afraid of death, as we are?

A. The Venusians realize that the material body is something akin to a garment. When it wears out, they know that the time is fast approaching when they can simply exchange it for a new one. Having an assurance of reincarnation, there is no guess work about the afterlife. It is no longer necessary for the Venusians to live by faith. They passed that stage of their cosmic evolution countless millennia ago.

The Venusians have attained to an awareness that when they move on to some other sphere of existence, they will be provided with a material body constituted of the elements of their new planetary environment. Their body will be perfectly adapted to the physical conditions that they will find there, in their new celestial home.

Q. How many inhabited worlds are there?

A. In the Gnostic Gospels, Jesus the Christ explained that the inhabited Omniverse was so vast that not even the angels were privy to the knowledge pertaining to the ends of it, if it even has any points of demarcation. The great esoteric teacher Helena Blavatsky also declared that “the immensity of space was filled with intelligences.”

In our space sector, that includes the planets and their attendant moons in the solar system as well as the planetary systems in orbit around the closest stars. There are 50 other inhabited spheres constituting what can best be called the Galactic Federation of Light. Venus is the governing planet in our local star sector.

Q. Do the space people worship God as we do? Do they have any religion?

A. They do not worship God, per se, as we understand God to be, but recognize that there is an Infinite Creator constituted of Spirit that permeates the entire fabric of the cosmos. They see the Divine Spark of the Infinite Creator in everything and everybody. There is no religion higher than truth. Manifesting kindness assures one’s continual progress up the celestial ladder to cosmic perfection. There is no need for religious laws and ordinances when kindness is the prime motivator in life. They do recognize Jesus the Christ as the supreme manifestation on Earth of the god consciousness. They also greatly esteem the Buddha, Luther, Mary, Muhammad, Rumi, Annalee Skarin and other avatars that have incarnated from Venus and other celestial orbs to redeem us from the darkness and lead us onto the path of further illumination.

The Venusians do not desire that anyone on Earth lose their religion, just live up to its higher precepts. Love is the operative word here.

Q. So you don’t offer any new religion or program to help people along the spiritual path?

A. Sorry, my friend; just the gnosis one gets from purchasing my Venus books is sufficient for me. It is my fondest wish that people become elevated to an expanded consciousness and thereby become receptive to greater illumination and wondrous extraterrestrial experiences. Each individual is the captain of their own ship. Perhaps my books will play some small part in guiding them to the shores of Paradise.

I don’t need any more money than a small but just profit for the time and effort it took to write the Venus books. I will never start a cult or religion, nor will I charge anyone even a penny to sign up for any club or group. I will, however, encourage interested parties to check out local organizations investigating the UFO phenomenon to make new friends and explore alternate areas of approaching this subject.

Venusian scout ship pilot, drawing by Gene Duplantier, a science fiction magazine illustrator from the 1950s and publisher of Canada’s now defunct, Saucers, Space and Science, a UFO monthly periodical published for some twenty years. Duplantier was a friend and research associate of the Cosmic Ray.

Meeting the Cosmic Ray, and maybe some Venusians along the way….

At the forthcoming From Venus with Love conference, sponsored by Rob Potter’s and to be held on the slopes of Mt. Shasta from 27-29 July 2018, Dr. Keller will gladly answer any of your questions about the mysterious, cloud-shrouded sphere of Venus and the amazing beings who inhabit that paradise planet. Come and join the Cosmic Ray, Frank Chille, Major George Filer, Lady Jenn, Omnec Onec, Rob Potter and many others for some amazing lectures with follow-up dinners and ample time for friendship and fun on Mt. Shasta, the gateway to your own Venus adventures!

(Editor’s note: Alan Zanjani is an Army veteran and a medical student at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia.)

Venus Rising: A Concise History of the Second Planet

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Cosmic Ray's Excellent Venus Adventure


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