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Monday, July 16, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: High Strangeness at the NNSS -- A Lifetime of Experiences -- Arcane Radio...Tobias & Emily Wayland

High Strangeness at the NNSS

Hi Lon,

Please find my account of two short stories of strangeness at the NNSS. I work as an engineer at the Nevada National Security Site where they test nuclear material, store nuclear waste and perform special training. I will not use my name this time because the Department of Energy would frown upon me sending a report with photos.

Account 1:
I was driving to area six at 7 AM when I saw a dark object circling near the road ahead, I thought it was an airplane or a drone I was more than 1 mile away. As I got closer I thought it was a raven but it was a giant bird..I estimate the wingspan to be 7 to 15 feet with a white body. I then realized I was witnessing a Thunderbird circling some sort of dead animal close to the road. I stopped on the side of the road right next to the Thunderbird and prepped my iPhone camera. The Thunderbird did not appreciate me stopping right next to it and took off at high-speed. My estimate is it flew away at 50 to 60 miles per hour off towards the mountains. I snapped a photo after about three seconds but it had already flew off at high-speed. See photos TB1 and 2.

I searched the Internet for a giant bird with a white body and black wings but could not find anything. It was not a pterosaur. The coloring did not resemble a condor or vulture, but it was definitely a giant feathered bird. I hope someone reading this account will be able to write back if they have seen something similar.

Account 2:
I Was driving to work at 6 AM and was already 10 miles past the front gate. I was approaching the high-voltage power lines that cross the road. I saw a shiny red ball above the power lines. As I got closer I saw a 2 to 3 foot diameter sphere hovering above the power lines. I stared at it because it didn’t belong there. The sphere was a candy apple red, shiny ball with flat sides. I then noticed it had 2 to 3 and antenna above and below it. I was looking at an anti-gravitic drone type UFO with no means of propulsion or ailerons. I drove right under it as it hovered above the power lines. I had other cars that were following me closely and did not attempt to stop and get a photo. I never even heard of anyone reporting a candy apple red UFO sphere, but that is what I saw. - Area 6, NNSS


A Lifetime of Experiences

the following email was received by a colleague:

I will start with an experience I had back in the late 70’s. I had come home from work dog-tired so I laid down on the sofa to have a nap. I must have fallen into a deep sleep. When I awakened after quite a lengthy nap I felt strange for some reason. I had a dream or so I thought at the time was a dream, of three weird looking beings coming through the living wall and they stood over me looking at me. They were touching my face and arms and as this was going on I tried to get up out of this dream but I felt paralyzed and it was extremely difficult rising from this so called dream I was having. It left me feeling quite unsettled for quite some time afterwards. In the seventies I was not aware of this phenomenon at all, but after this experience I began to question it, was it a dream or not, it seemed so real.

It wasn’t until the 80’s when my two closest friends saw a massive disk shaped craft hovering over the No. 20 highway in Niagara Falls Ontario. They were on their way home from visiting some friends. It was 3:00 clock in the morning when they spotted this ship. They said they immediately pulled over to the side of the highway to have a better look. My friend said, it was the size of a football field, if not bigger. They were terrified of this thing so they rolled up the windows and decided to make a fast bee line home. It followed them for a little while but then quickly vanished after a short time. They said there was no noise coming from the craft, only bright lights around the circumference of it. They looked to see if they could spot any life forms on it. Sue, my friend said, “I think I saw figure at one of the port holes, but I am not certain.” She and her husband never spoke about this event to any one and sometime in 1990 they decided to tell me about it because they knew I was open minded.

When I was a young child I always felt like I didn’t belong here and I struggled with trying to belong. That woman on YouTube had similar feelings.

Making friends wasn’t easy for me as a kid; I kind of felt displaced in a sense, but I just thought it was me, there was something wrong with me. Even when I got older this sense of disconnection seemed to happen at times.

Then in 1999 after a traumatic occurrence in my life , a portal of some nature opened up to me. I will call It a spiritual portal, and I started to receive messages. At first I thought I was going crazy and it scared me. Not knowing was happening I decided to contact a spiritual consoler; a very reputable one that lived in the area. We spent the greater part of a day talking about my experience and she gave me some profound advice. She said that I was receiving these messages for a reason, and that I needed to pay serious attention to these messages, but to be attentive to what was being said I should visualize a white light of protection around me before I allow anything to come through. So I did, and these communications went on for a long time, a few years or more. I dated and documented each session that had taken place. I had received some astounding information; stuff that I would never think of. At first it was scary because I didn’t understand why or for what reason I was being contacted. Eventually, I settled down and allowed it to come through more readily and in time I felt more comfortable with what was being projected to me. I had thought about getting a publisher to look at these documents but I wasn’t certain. With this type of occurrence most people would have scoffed at it then and tell me I was losing my mind. I have kept all the messages and though it doesn’t come through as often as it did in the past, I still get some communication and I keep a copy.

I was told in one of the communication sessions, that I as well as others were seedlings from the planet called Orion. Now, this to me seemed a bit too much to believe, but after many years of reading and viewing documentaries from others who have experienced similar things as I have, I tend to think now that perhaps there maybe some truth to it all. Dolores Cannon, who was a well known author wrote about UFO experiences that her clients had experienced. I read her books; what an eye opener. And now there is so much more information out there

I know there are those who claim to have experienced things when they really haven’t, but for the most part I think we are being visited and shown things, that there beings from other planets and that they have been here for much longer than most of us realize.

During the 90’s, myself and some friends had attended a concert at one the parks in Niagara Falls, Ontario. As we watched the band playing, for some reason some of us looked up. It was then we saw a huge triangular craft slowly moving across the sky just above us. There was no noise of any sort, there were bright lights along the under side of the triangle and we didn’t see any form of life within it. People were shaken and as people left the park there were some who were extremely frantic

At that period of time, the UFO phenomenon wasn’t really talked about or known about too much, at least among my friends and I it wasn’t too well known

However, with the craft that my friends saw in 1988, and then this triangular craft and my own experiences, it has made me a believer that there are other life forms living on other planets and perhaps are among us right now. Who are we to think that we are the only life forms that exists?

The development of the technology in the past few decades alone, is reason enough to think that engineers, scientists, physicists etc have had help. And now with the information that is out there, there is something definitely going on in our world, we are being watched and perhaps some of these aliens do want to help us; we need help now more than ever.

I would be very interested in knowing if you have had any experiences with UFO’s or anything that is considered supernatural etc.

Let me know your thoughts. J


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