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Monday, July 30, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Can Meditation Enhance Perception? -- Kangaroos Mob Australia's Capital -- Arcane Radio...Eric Altman

Can Meditation Enhance Perception?

By James Hirlehey - (submission): Most people believe that everything which exists is there for a reason and fits within the limits of rational thinking. We forget that this is just a belief, a paradigm determined by the time in which we live.

This rationale is considered powerful enough to explain everything without resorting to less tangible elements, such as God. The universe is conceived as a mechanism, formed by assembled pieces, which can be dissected, analyzed and finally comprehended.

The popular belief is that human beings have the power to understand creation and the wider universe. Everything follows a logical process, therefore can be framed within the same parameters described above. Therefore, everything that the prevailing scientific paradigm hasn’t been able to decipher must be, logically speaking, nonexistent or false.

Religions and traditions, on the contrary, have guided us from ancient times; it is very much a modern concept to believe that everything must fit and be easily explained. Though traditions are may not be entirely plausible, they still point to ideas which stretch the limits of contemporary thinking.

Just as the senses have limits to comprehend reality which can be fooled by an illusion, human reason also can be challenged too. Here’s where meditation is a useful tool to venture beyond the boundaries of normal thinking, leading to new knowledge and expansion of understanding.

Meditation breaks the conventional limits that forces people to comprehend via a process of scientific evaluation only. This method of relaxation opens the senses to an infinite universe full of new realities.

A new level of perception:

When you are in the habit of meditating, you may "see things" during a session. What you "see" can be a product of your mind letting itself go and creating images from all the elements which are present in your day to day life. Conversely, you may also be perceiving a response to stimuli, whether it’s an emotion, an energy or a smell; sometimes a memory may be triggered at an unexpected moment.

Practicing yoga and meditation helps to seek the balance of mind, body, and spirit. By silencing intrusive thoughts, lowering the stressful noise of everyday life, it’s possible to reach inner peace. A perfect state of silence and full connection with the environment, some call it enlightenment. When all that peripheral noise has been shut down, there’s the potential for perception to expand making space for new ideas and thoughts.

When meditating, Buddhists manage to minimize their brain activity, eliminating sensory stimuli, thoughts, memories and mental processes that occur even during sleep. The normal activity can act as a blindfold for other levels of perception and understanding.

Intense meditation causes brain changes known as neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt and transform according to the stimuli it receives. During stress, the brain returns to a more primitive type of speech. Analyzing Buddhist monks’ brain activity during meditation scientists have been able to record the transition of conscious states. This includes the brain whilst alert as well as in a more relaxed and receptive state. The last phase achieved for those with great meditative skills is a state that can be considered as a deep rest without being asleep, silencing all the voices and reaching inner peace.

Meditation can alter your perception to a new way of seeing and communicating with the energies in the environment. These visions may contain Jungian archetypes, mandalas, numbers, even messages from the angelic cohorts. Establishing contact with the unconscious means getting in touch with your own darkness and repressed desires. Such hidden aspects are part of the accumulated energy within yourself which can also provide messages for self-improvement, forgiveness and perhaps, from the beyond.

During the night many people are more perceptive to the energies that surround them. Some even report feeling someone else laying in their bed, or just watching them from the door frame. There are also some who claim to feel presences mainly during long meditation sessions.

What should I do?

If you have been able to establish some level of connection with paranormal energies or have empowered your third eye and begun to have new perceptions of the world around you, it is possible that you have managed to ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

It is often believed that these perceptions are only "felt" by certain types of persons but you are always surrounded by this energy. However, it’s sometimes possible to lack the spiritual maturity to accept them, or the decision to accept their meaning. Meditation can be a tool powerful enough to provoke a consciousness rebirth of individuals whether they are gifted or not.

If during your meditation you start to sense blurry images, symbols or forms, keep calm and let yourself register all the energy you’re surrounded by. Analyze the images, shapes or figures that appear to understand the message you’re receiving during meditation.

In conclusion:

People who experience this type of perception or have recurring sensations shouldn’t be frightened. Instead they should seek to deepen and sharpen the sensations and thus develop the latent extrasensory power they have.

Paranormal events are merely the scientifically unexplained phenomena that end up being studied by parapsychology. There are many branches of knowledge devoted to the study of those subtle but powerful connections that occur when we develop a different level of perception, like telepathy, tarot reading, psychic abilities, remembering past lives, and reaching the beyond.


Kangaroos Mob Australia's Capital

Mobs of kangaroos have been raiding patches of grass in the Australian capital Canberra, driven to the city's sports fields, back yards and roadsides by food scarcity.

Canberra residents have taken to social media with images of the jumping marsupials exploring outside their usual habitats. But beyond the cute photo opportunities, the hungry kangaroos are at risk of dying on the roads as their feeding times coincide with rush hour.

Canberra has more than 30 nature reserves, with most hosting hundreds of Eastern Grey Kangaroos, and it is not unusual to see them in the reserves or in roads or yards nearby, Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Parks and Conservation Service Director Daniel Iglesias told CNN.

But he said this winter the animals were far more visible. Read more at Mobs of kangaroos take to streets of Australia's capital over food shortages


ARCANE RADIO IS BACK! on the Paranormal King Radio Network

Facebook event announcement: Eric Altman - PA Bigfoot & Crypto Investigator - Arcane Radio

Join me as I welcome Pennsylvania Bigfoot & crypto investigator Eric Altman to Arcane Radio. Eric is a longtime Bigfoot and anomalies investigator in Pennsylvania. He is a friend and protege of PA UFO and anomalies researcher Stan Gordon, and has worked with many other Bigfoot researchers throughout North America. He is also one of the original founders of Beyond the Edge Radio. Eric is the organizer of the 2019 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure which will once again take place at Benner's Meadow Run in Fayette County, PA. This will be the 3rd installment of this popular 3-day event...bringing together an impressive group of well-known paranormal and cryptid researchers, investigators and media personalities. The website can be found at www.pabigfootcampingadventure.com. This should be a very entertaining show! Join us this Friday, August 3rd at 9PM ET / 6PM PT on ParanormalKing.com - Meet us in the chat room...just click the banner or go to www.paranormal.olicentral.com

When I was with the previous radio show, a JC Johnson tribute was produced, but never aired. This oversight was one of several reasons why I left that radio show. I plan to rectify that. I will be hosting several investigators and friends of JC's on Arcane Radio in future shows, and we will discuss some of JC's exploits. Thanks for understanding. Lon



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