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Friday, May 04, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Translucent Being / Lost Time -- 'Silver Monkeys' -- Mystery Woman Crying in Cemetery at Night

Translucent Being / Lost Time

“In Puerto Rico I saw one of those (a strange man with translucent skin who didn't appear human). I was 20 years old when it happened, now I'm 39. I really think it was an alien. It could not walk that well, a few things got my attention. It had the right hand in the left. What I mean, the fingers were backwards. Where there was supposed to be the pinky was the thumb. It also walked with difficulty and when I look at its feet I saw that were the same as his hands, in the wrong place. The skin was was translucent... it looked really weak. I didn't feel scared. I just felt calm and with the need to go where it was. When it talked to me, it was talking part with its lips and part in my mind. It asked me if I knew where the the Arecibo Observatory was. The Arecibo Observatory is a radio telescope in the municipality of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. It is also the biggest in the world. I didn't have time to answer when I saw a blue flash of light and I black out. I woke up sitting on the balcony of my house two hours later. When I saw it it was 11:00 pm and when I woke up it was 1:00 am. I would like to be hypnotized to know what happened to me during those two hours of lost time. I live in Philadelphia now. But I have a house in Puerto Rico where that happened. That's one of my crazy experiences."

Source: YT Comments, Arqui Denis

Beyond Creepy


'Silver Monkeys'

I recently received the following account:

It was in 1952 and I was about 10 years old at the time. I was spending the summer at my aunt and uncle’s summer house on Pretty Lake in Dousman, WI. The property bordered the small lagoon portion of the lake.

I was playing in front of the house which was parallel to the lagoon. At some point, I got up and walked to the side of the house that was facing away from the lake. I saw about 5 "things" standing on top of each other trying to reach the bathroom window. The window was just a small opening that opened outwards and opened from the top, not the bottom. I was shocked that these "silver monkeys" were trying to get into the house. I started running to go into the house and tell my aunt, and then everything went blank.

I know that I never did tell her about the silver monkeys because in the evening, she was giving me a bath and I asked her to close the window because I did not want the silver monkeys to come in. She said there were no silver monkeys. Have you ever heard of a similar sighting in the area? KL


Loud Glowing Craft Lands in Colorado

Red Feather Lakes, CO - 1975-04-14: I was camping in a small camp trailer with my wife and 2 week old infant son near Dowdy Lake at Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. Even though it was early in the season we went past the regular campground and set up in the trees about 100 yards beyond the improved camping area. It rained off and on from a couple hours ending at approximately 9:30 p.M. Baby was asleep and we went to bed at approximately 10:00 p.M. Within about 10 minutes we heard a sound which is hard to describe as it was different from any other sound I had ever heard. We both froze immediately and did not move again during the main time of the event. We were both in a state of terror and I could not move until the object began to fly away. There was a red glow and the shadows changed as it settled to the ground. The sound was a high pitched whirring/ mechanical/ metallic sound. The shadows moved again as the object made a higher pitched sound and rose out of the trees and I could move again. As I sat up I saw a glowing red orb, slightly disc shaped fly from nearly overhead to a spot approximately 5 miles south in about 5 seconds at which point it settled again beyond a ridge in that direction. We saw or heard nothing else that night.

The next morning I found a circular spot 30 or 40 feet from the camper. The soil there is granular and sandy and it had been tossed to the outside of the circle like what a dirt bike would move the soil but there was no start point or end point and it was perfectly round. Also the soil in the groove and the entire center of the circle was dry even though the rest of the soil around was still wet from the rain the evening before. We left shortly after first light still frightened. I stopped at the ranger station and asked if there had been any aerial vehicles in the area the previous night, like a helicopter or something but they said no. - MUFON


Mystery Woman Crying in Cemetery at Night

A young woman showing up at a cemetery and crying in front of a grave for five nights in a row has caused a stir in Turkey's central city of Çorum.

Employees at the Grand (Ulu) Cemetery located in the city's Çepni neighborhood saw the unidentified woman, believed to be 17 or 18 years of age, on the night of April 26, crying next to a grave. The same girl was also seen near the grave of Fatma Ç., who died in 1982, in the next three nights. The issue turned into a local sensation, prompting officials to left a note by the grave on April 30, asking the girl to contact them if she needs help or support.

The police launched a search operation to find the girl as the locals were both curious and frightened by the incident. Many locals arrived in the scene to see whether the girl will come by the grave, only to be turned away by the police.

The girl, wearing black clothing and red shoes, came by the grave Tuesday night, but ran away in the dark as the police was trying to catch her. Read more at Mystery girl showing up crying at cemetery at night becomes sensation in Turkey’s Çorum


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