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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: The 'Plasma Monster' -- Healed by Black Figure -- 'I don't know how this happened'

The 'Plasma Monster'

I recently received the following submission:

There is a creature known to Buddhist monks, but you will probably never hear of its name. They have sheltered it in secrecy for thousands of years high atop a mountain monastery. Such creatures are made of a kind of plasma. They look much as translucent jellyfish and transverse the space between planets.

The reason you will never hear of it is because it is a guarded secret of the ancient black masters. For many thousands of years the order has occupied the monastery which is built into the rock of the mountain. They rarely venture from it. The impoverished peasants below hold and have always held them with great regard. It was the greatest wish of all families that one of their children would be chosen to become one of these monks.

Once every 12 years the monastery would open the compound gate to choose which children would be accepted into the teachings. Boys between the ages of 5 and 9 would hike, with their families, the long path up the mountain. The families were not allowed to stay so the children were then left at the gate. The boys would wait outside, in silence and stillness, until the monks would come and choose. They would be made to wait days without food or water. Most would leave and wonder home. Once the monk opened the gate and chose those who were deemed worthy, they would be taken within the sanctuary walls. If the parents did not see their child returning from the mountain they knew their son was accepted. Sadly however, he would never be allowed out or to see his family again until he was in his 20’s.

While this was hard on their families, they knew that their child would be taken care of and, later in life, be able to take care of the family and bring them honor. In a world of abject poverty and starvation this was the greatest wish and hope of these parents.

The child would be dressed and prepared and led by a monk up to one of the higher building rooms. The monk would “unbind” ropes that locked two wooden doors and place the boy inside standing before the alter. He would then lock him in alone. Spaces in walls close to the ceiling let in the only light. The alter ran the length of the room carved into the rock, five feet high and twelve feet deep. In the center of this “step” a round hole 5 feet in diameter had been bored out. The hole in the stone was perfectly cylindrical 20 feet down and concave at the bottom. Of course the boy could not see this or the hole itself, only the thing that protruded from it. A clear gelatinous-looking dome shaped monster seemed to sit on the alter, as the rest of its body tendrils rested within hole. While the creature had no eyes of its own, it appeared as if someone had penciled Asian eyes onto its mass, and they stared at him.

The boy stood frozen crying at the sight. The creature did not move toward him yet some how drew the soul and life force from the child’s body killing him. As his tiny body collapses to the floor, the plasma monster encases his soul in a clear sphere from which it could not escape. It looked like a tiny spark of light inside a glass ball. A tendril moved up from the hole and wrapped around it pulling it beneath. The plasma monster sits upon them, all the while feeding off the trapped soul’s energy.

There are thousands of these balls in the well. The ones at the bottom are dead and used up, resembling grains of black sand at the bottom of the glass ball. Further up the hole the souls are newer and still have some life left. It takes a few hundred years of draining and feeding before the soul is completely dead. Many believe the soul cannot be killed, and for the most part this is true. Yet, this is one of the true monstrosities capable of such an atrocity.

Those parents never knew the fate that had awaited their child when they brought him to the monastery. They never knew the horror and suffering that beset him. They will never know how his soul suffered for hundreds of years until it was finally fully completely consumed.

I know you think this is a fairy tale, that these things are not possible. The truth is these plasma “monsters” are real, however, in there natural state they are harmless gentle giants that move through the vastness of space between planets, not on them. This “monster” was captured and contained by the evil black order that mask as honorable and noble monks. They, who through ritual and ancient rites, entrapped and enslaved this plasma being down here for thousands of years, in its own prison, as an instrument of their black fare.

I do not know why they would need this entity to harvest souls for them when they themselves are capable of extracting souls on their own. All I know is that there is a monster with Asian eyes in the monastery on the mountain...

...in fact there are many of them. - IT


Healed by Black Figure

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 8/3/2014 05:05: It was 05:05 am in my bedroom. I was awakened by my cat yowling loudly. I was laying on my right side which was strange as I have not done it in the 16 years since my spinal injury & resulting bad sciatica down my right leg, it was too painful to consciously do. I turned around to see why my cat was going crazy. I was startled by a black shadow figure about 5ft tall, slim with a large bald head. It had green L.E.D. like lights in positions around its body. As I looked on, it bent over me 2 times looking at my lower back & legs. It stood upright in between the bends to examine my lower body.

All this time my cat was still yowling. The perfectly black figure was lit from behind by a night light so I could see its outline distinctly, doing what it was doing, plus the green lights on parts of its own outline enhanced its shape. I challenged it by shouting "who are you?" and "what do you want?" I did this twice.

It made no noise. It just did what it was doing. I then plucked up the courage to move towards the lamp switch to turn it on. As I was changing position, it began to gradually disappear. By the time the light was on, it was gone and my cat stopped his crazy yowling. I was quite frightened by the ordeal, but I was wide awake after being startled from the time I first saw the black figure.

Last week my pain medication was changed from morphine to Suboxone and in the last 4 days I was able to ride a bicycle again in 16 years. - NUFORC


'I don't know how this happened'

“I was biking back from my friend's house who lives 10 minutes from me. I have to cross an intersection, so I cross and, coming towards me, which would be going to the direction to my friend's, was a man who walked very slowly and was carrying a bag. So we were very clearly going in opposite direction, only I was going much faster on my bike. Two minutes later, I then see the man walking towards me again, the same direction and I had been following the same bike path. I was shocked, I haven't been able to wrap my head around how he got back to where I was, when he was walking in the other direction when I first saw him. I kept the same pace going in a straight line on the bike path the whole time from my friend's house, I see the man the first time walking past me, and then another time within two minutes, again, walking past me.... I don't know how this happened.”

Source: Youtube comments, Evan From TheGrizzlyGang

Beyond Creepy


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