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Monday, May 07, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: 7Ft 'Grey' Standing Along the Highway -- Octopus-Shaped UFO -- Red-Dot Grid on Back

7Ft 'Grey' Standing Along the Highway

Casper, WY - 10/4/2017 02:30: As I was heading east along I-25, at approx 2:30 am, in the middle of nothing. About 15 minutes east of Casper, WY, I was in the slow lane, there was a truck approaching me to the rear, he was faster than I, as I can only run 67 mph in a 80 mph. I was on the phone with my co-worker in South Dakota. I was talking through my stereo and just took a sip of my Pepsi and as I was looking up from setting it in my cup holder, I saw a, what looked like/resembled a human, standing either on the road in between the yellow line and the edge of pavement, or just standing off of it by the snow reflectors. It was all the way to the left of the left lane traveling east bound.

As I looked up from my cup holder, I see something, looked as to it was standing straight up from bending at the waist, was facing at a 45 degree angle to me. It was looking SE, I saw the back and then the right side as I passed. When it was almost straight up, its left arm shot up and stayed up, a lot quicker than it stood up. It was not fazed, that I sped by, like deer and antelope are, just kinda looking somewhere, doing something. It was all grey, flat, medium, dull grey. I thought about people on stilts, Halloween, etc. Didn't see the hands to much, but the fist or whatever that shot to the sky looked big and clumpy.

What I described to my co-worker on the phone as, was a really tall Statue of Liberty. Saw the left hand/arm, looked like was holding something, but clumpy and blurry from my speed. I got the worst hair raising chills ever, in my life. They were pulsing and in waves with every hair on my body standing up for about ten minutes. And that's just not me, but this scared the crap out of me. As I was approaching the first turnaround, I told him I was going to take it. He talked me out of it, and past the next 2 turnarounds. The truck that was fast approaching me from the rear, over the next hill I saw that he was about 3-4 miles behind me i! Instead of 1. He must have slowed down, these trucks take forever to stop.

When I got back to my baker dock that morning, I stood next to my drivers door. I'm 5'10" and the bottom of my semi's window is over 6'. I saw the 'Grey' then, and to see his shoulders and head as I passed, taken in corporate for height and distance, ten feet to left of my truck, it had to be 7' + tall. It looked like the Liberty Tax people that stand outside of the shop on tax season with their arm in the air. With the foam hat and all waving their sign. Again, this all happened in a matter of seconds. I got talked out of turning around, as per company, we are only 'allowed' to carry knives. But if it was a split second sooner, I could of stuffed my brakes and recorded the previous 11 seconds to the following 11 seconds and had it recorded. I did not see any overturned cars in the median or off to any side, that night or the following nights, as this is my current nightly route. There is quite a few more dead animals than normal within maybe 2 miles both ways on the eastbound lanes than normal. - NUFORC


Octopus-Shaped UFO During Blizzard

“I was surprised to hear the description of the "octopus" thing (a case in which an alien resembled an octopus). Over 30 years ago I was traveling with fellow students from Connecticut to Upstate NY near Lake Ontario. There was a terrible blizzard, visibility and road conditions were precarious and we were the first car in a long line following our tail lights and tracks. Perhaps a quarter mile ahead, on the opposite side of the highway an unbelievably bright light thrust from the treetops emanating from something I likened to an immense candle shaped light bulb with swirling lights inside - just like the mentioned static machine! Before the for of us could even register it enough to start excitedly questioning if the others had seen it - it zipped off. As we got closer to the area it suddenly came back on again. Had something crashed? Was a transformer exploding? Nothing fit. It went dark again. It repeated the on/off pattern several more times until we were well past the area and looking through the back window. All of us wanted to stop and turn around to investigate but knew that the conditions were dangerous and did not want to confuse or compromise all those following us. I have always thought that it was extraterrestrial, or at the very least highly advanced technology. I have never seen anything remotely similar in my life.”

Source: YT Comments, susan gibney

Beyond Creepy


Red-Dot Grid on Back

Colorado Springs, CO - 2018-05-03: I was flying the UFO which had lights under the craft either green/blue. Appeared to be in a battle with other green/blue light crafts. Woke up with the red dot grid on my left side of my back. The rest of one of the dreams had me fighting other humans and I had to I believe defend myself like a spy. I seem to be able to conquer the other human without effort. Then i woke took me a couple of hours to even remember anything. Also I have had pain in my lower legs in the calf area of both legs for the last week.

I believe whatever it was had no intention of harming me yet it wanted me to help it fly its plane. It's almost like it was telling me telepathically to fly this plane and to take out opponents never have I seen a ship quite like this ship... the closest ship I could compare it to is the first Independence Day film were all of the small ships come out of the mothership. I would have been inside of the primary ship not the mothership. The craft was extremely fast, faster than any jet. The closest I could describe it to is a fighter jet and its abilities to move up and down left and right without effort.

Honestly it seems like a very advanced piece of machinery. Powered with weaponry and able to destroy other ships. - MUFON


The Chicago sightings are continuing into 2018...and spreading throughout the region!
Read about the investigation and the nexus of the phenomenon


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