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Weekend 2 Cents: Pale Glowing Humanoid in South Texas -- I Truly Believe I Was Abducted -- Lost Time After Flash of Light

Pale Glowing Humanoid in South Texas

Lon, this is a close encounter with a being obviously not of this world. This is not a hoax and I really don't care if it's not believable because I still try to convince myself to this day that it was only a dream, but I can't.

Me and a friend were driving home during the early morning hours in 2009 here in south Texas, near Brownsville. A bipedal, hairless & pale glowing humanoid or being of some sort jumped out of the brush towards my car as we passed. We were driving at 20 to 25 mph. This being screamed at us...a very shrill high-pitched yell. I'll never forget it.

When I fully looked at this humanoid my heart just stopped. It did not look anything like a Hollywood character of what an alien might look like. It was definitely not of this world.

We then sped off as fast as we could and did not look back. I just wanted to get it off my chest. NV


I Truly Believe I Was Abducted

Occurred : 12/26/2004 04:00 (Entered as : 12/26/2004 4:00)
Reported: 2/24/2005 9:31:53 PM 21:31
Posted: 5/24/2005
Location: North Little Rock, AR
Shape: Other
Duration:~1 - 2 hours

I remember being dropped off into my house. I was so exhausted when I "fell" into my bed.

I told my best friend after this happened. I truly do not know how much time had passed before telling her. I feel like the time has just gone in my head. After I told her, I wrote it in my journal on Dec. 26, 2004.

Here is my entry:

I truly believe I was abducted by aliens a couple of weeks ago. I don't remember what day it was but I did have to go to work. (I work Mon- Fri). My "dreams" of my house were too vivid to be dreams; something happened.

I remember standing at the patio door looking up. The ship was huge with 2, 3 or 4 big lights. I remember a red and a white light. I knew I was looking at the back. But, instead of seeing my backyard, there was a field with 2 cars. I think the one closest to me was a red convertible with the top down. There was a woman leaning against the car. I think she had dark curly hair to her shoulder. Darker than mine and softer curls. I think there was 1 or 2 men sitting in the car drinking.

These details are too vivid and too memorable to be a dream. The ship was a very strong material; gunmetal grey in color. (Here I drew the picture of what I saw). Backend - what I saw, the house blocked the rest of the ship. (I was looking up). The clencher is that I was jolted "awake" (in bed). I turned over and the clock read 5:26 am. I felt like I had just gotten in bed and I was exhausted.

I didn't want to have to get up and go to work. I turned on to my left side and my first thought was that I'd need to get checked out for any implants. I tried to find something on the internet to tell my story but didn't find anything in that short time. I told [my best friend] last night and she doesn't think I'm crazy.

When I wrote it, I wrote things going on in my life before and after. There was no break. Also, I remember when I wrote this how calm I became. To clarify how I saw the ship, I have two sliding glass doors going outside. I have to open both of them. I remember seeing everything in the den as it is right now (not like a dream where everything is distorted or made up) and I was standing in the house, at the first door, with both open, in my, probably, nightgown that night. I was looking up and if I had stepped out and jumped up, I could have touched the ship it was that close. I have metal awnings but that night, it was like they were gone.

Because the ship was so close, and the view I had, that's why I could only see the back. It was like I was being dropped off. I didn't feel strange or funny or have any weird things. (Supernatural things do happen to me at night but as long as I pray, it helps.

I now wear a St. Michael the Archangel medal that was blessed by the Pope and pray to him each night also and that has helped tremendously). To clarify being exhausted. Have you ever gone out one night and partied and got drunk (not too drunk but enough to know you're drunk) and you came in at 4 or 5 or 6 am? Then, you throw yourself in bed and you're asleep before you've stopped moving? That's what I felt like.

I had gone to bed the night before, as usual, but when I was jolted awake, I looked at the clock (see above) and literally felt like I had been dropped into my bed and that I had not gotten any sleep.

My best friend is the only one I told about this because I'm too scared to talk to anyone else. Maybe I watch too many tv shows and movies but I have not spoken to anyone about this. I've thought long and hard and I wanted to report this but I don't want anything bad to happen to me.

I watched the Peter Jennings show tonight on ABC and you were mentioned at the end, with no contact information but I wrote down your name and was able to Google it.

I've considered being hypnotized to dig deeper but I don't want to be alone when it happens to avoid any muddying. I hope in some way that you do take me seriously and can help me to come to terms with what has happened to me. I will state now that I don't party, I don't get drunk, I don't do drugs, I don't take any special Rx medications. - NUFORC


Lost Time After Flash of Light

Back in 1988 I was driving home from work on a long, dark stretch of highway from Fairbanks, Alaska to Eielson AFB. About halfway home, there was a bright flash all around me. Almost like a flash of a huge camera going off. Right after the flash, everything in my car started to die slowly. The lights went out, the radio stopped working and eventually the car died completely. My first thought was a battery problem.

The next thing I remember was the car starting up again on it's own and everything working as before. I drove on home, (there were no cell phones back then), thinking it had only been a few seconds. I was completely shocked when I arrived at our house in military housing to find out that I had lost an hour and 20 minutes. I have absolutely no memory of what happened during that time. Ever since that incident, I have had many medical issues and severe back problems. Doctors always ask me if I've had an injury.

My husband and I have been married 32 years and have seen many UFO's in our travels across the US. The largest one was in Wasilla, Alaska, somewhere around 1993/1994. It was about the length of 3 football fields. Several cars were stopped along the road watching it and it was reported in the paper the next day. Even state troopers reported seeing it.

After that sighting, my husband began having vivid dreams. We found out about 5 years ago that my husbands blood type changed. He'd been typed in high school and throughout his military career as type O+. He had a physical 5 years ago and was typed A+. The doctors thought there was a mistake and sent him to the hospital to be re-typed. Although all his previous records showed O+, he is now A+ as confirmed by three separate doctors.

The dreams, for my husband still continue. Mine have stopped for now, but we still see many UFO's, some just lights and some we can see the entire body of the ship. I haven't reported any of this before because of fear of reprisal. MM


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