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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Experiencer's Escape Attempt and Humanoid Interaction

I flagged the following report a while ago, making an attempt to gathering additional information...which I was unable to do. The experiencer stated that this incident was an 'abduction to an underground facility." The information is somewhat similar to other accounts I have heard and read. The recognition of family members, alive or deceased, does seem to occur in many of these well as future abduction scenarios repeated by the same experiencer. I'd be interested in your thoughts:

Rochester, NY - 12/3/1999 02:15: On the night of the event, I went to bed just after 2AM. I seemed to be having a strange dream. In the dream I was back in the house I grew up in. I was in my bedroom. What was odd about this so called dream, was that this bedroom didn't look at all like my bedroom. The furniture was not like bedroom furniture, it was more hospital-like. A person came in the room that appeared to look like my sister. We had conversation, then she left the room. Another person that looked like my mother came into the room. We also had conversation. I was told that I was tired and I needed to take a nap. I was told to go lay on my bed. When I approached the bed, I noticed it looked like a hospital bed. I remember thinking if this is supposed to be a dream, why am I seeing this.

I took a closer look at this bed and I noted a table to the right of the bed. On top of the table was some sort of rectangular device that was beige in color. There were wires coming out of the side of this box that connected to the bed. At the back of the box there were wires that went into the wall. I took my left hand and touched the bed. I could feel some sort of low electric current. I knew something was very wrong here. My first instinct was to run. I turned around and ran out of this room. To my left was a rampway. I ran down this rampway and around to the front of this sort of building. When I had taken to run, I heard someone say "Uh-oh". I turned around to see if anyone was following me. I saw a man in a light blue spandex looking outfit. I went to run. To the right of me was a person that looked like my deceased grandmother. She said "take me instead." At that point I realized I was not dreaming, I had become fully awake.

I feel as if I went into shock. My heart was beating so fast and I was shaking. I looked down, I had on the pajamas I had worn to bed and I was in my bare feet. I couldn't believe that this was happening to me. It would be very hard for me to describe the place because it was so unreal. As I was trying to run from this man chasing me, I looked ahead and there was another. He was leading a woman that appeared to be drugged. I felt I had nowhere to run, so I turned and faced my pursuer. He had his arm reached out to grab me. To avoid any bad repercussions I placed my hand in his hand. When I looked at the face of this man. His eyes were covered with some sort of visor but I could tell this man was not fully human. When I placed my hand in his hand he had a strange grin on his face. He then placed my hand on his groin area. The feeling I had was as if I was cattle.

I was lead over to what looked like an orange van and I noticed the van had no wheels. The back passenger door slid open as I was being put into the van. I remember praying out loud but could only repeat the same line over and over again "Our Father who art in heaven". Inside the van were what appeared to be three children around the age of twelve and they said to me "We worship too." I noticed the children's mouths weren't moving. I was sitting in the van opposite the children. The two beings in the blue got into the front compartment of the van. I could see into the front compartment because there was a glass partition above the seat I was sitting in. I noticed a control panel running along the front of the van interior. Then I turned to look at the three children. They were just watching me. I said to the children "aren't you afraid?" and they said "no, this has been happening all our lives."

I had then noticed the van had started ascending vertically. I looked at the children and I asked if we were from the same planet and they replied "yes". What struck me funny was that I was looking out the window and it was beautiful - looking at the lights of what appeared to be a city. These children were just watching me. At some point I remember asking "Why is this happening to me?" and "There is no God, otherwise he wouldn't let this happen to me." I became very angry and I turned and started banging on the glass partition. I felt something on the lower back section of my skull and lost consciousness.

The next thing I remember is being lead to a room by my initial pursuer. We were standing outside the doorway of a room. When I looked in the room I saw approximately fifteen people casually talking. They were all dressed in white. The being that was holding my hand started speaking to a man in the room to the right. The man in the room said to him "I'm not a telepath, you'll have to talk" at some point I heard 'GH3' and also the man's name which I will withhold at this time. The man to the right said "I'll tell them your ready." At this point I lose consciousness again.

When I awake I am in this orange-red lit room. I will keep this less graphic as possible. It was a non-human on top of me and I felt as if my upper arms were restrained. I reached up and touched the face. It was definitely not human skin. I looked to my right and could see where the red light was emanating from. There was a run of lights pulsating the orange-red color. This lighting made it rather difficult to make out things in the room clearly. The being on top of me was making a strange non-human type of noise that sounded almost like a lion purring but faster. I looked to my left there were other exam tables and a person lying on it and the same was happening to these people as was happening to me. I tried to fight this but was totally helpless. I lost consciousness again.

I came to in my bedroom with excruciating pain in my lower abdomen. I looked at my clock, it was 4:01 AM. I tried to get out of my bed, but it was very hard. I felt drugged. I started to cry and scream at the same time. I have three older children in my house that are very light sleepers. I sat on my floor crying and screaming for a good ten minutes. Not one of them heard a thing at 4:01 AM but one of them at around 2:20 AM heard a commotion in my bedroom but went to sleep. When I went to use the bathroom I had found physical evidence that something had happened to me. 1 1/2 hours later the man's name that I heard in the white room to the right I found on the Internet. I pulled up at picture of him and it was the same man. This man is known in the UFO community. Whether or not this is the actual man, I don't know. If they can make me think I am seeing my mother, sister and grandmother then they could also make me see someone else whom I've never met. - NUFORC

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