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Daily 2 Cents: My ET Abductions & Surgeries -- Elevator to the Past -- I Stopped to Assist 3 Unknown Entities

My ET Abductions & Surgeries

Collingwood, Ontario, Canada - 2018-04-03: I was awoken in the middle of the night at about 3 or 4am. The room was still dark but there was a slight glow to the room. I was half conscious and gradually regained more awareness with my eyes fully opened. My body was completely paralyzed but I was fighting and screaming at the entities in the room. I used every strength I had to fight them reaching my hands out and screaming what I thought was aloud but was telepathic. My body lost all functioning and I couldn't even open my mouth to scream but I did mentally as loud as I possibly could. I knew they heard every word I screamed at them. I fought them with all the energy I could. I told them they have no authority to touch me or take anything from me. That I had my free will and they were not permitted to do anything to me.

I felt them put more energetic force on me and I began to get more and more tired unable to stop them and felt I couldn't fight them any longer and to just give up. I heard in my mind to just give up that I could not fight them. I felt like they were taking my baby from me. I had not had my period in 2 and a half months and I felt I was pregnant but was not completely sure because of my age 47 I felt it could be premenopausal symptoms as well. I had an appointment with my doctor 2 days after this incident to check whether I was pregnant. My tests showed negative 2 days later. I eventually tired and felt myself sinking deeper into unconsciousness. I saw more than one being in the room. I heard in my mind that they are Greys. There was one very tall figure about 6 or 7 feet tall not completely sure as I was lying down. He was wearing a robe like dressing and he had 2 distinct protrusions on his large skull and forehead. he seems to have authority over the matter. There were more beings in the room smaller than the larger one. Not sure how many but I feel there were at least 2 more. I remember I really hated the taller one as he seemed to have no care for what he was doing to me and what could have possibly been a small embryo of mine. I don't know if they impregnated me or if I was pregnant with my partner and they took the small fetus from us? I don't know if I was even pregnant for sure it was just a feeling and what I was screaming out to them in the middle of the night. I very quickly fell deep asleep and the next day I felt it was a horrible nightmare that my eyes where fully opened to see what I saw. But I knew very well this was a familiar feeling to me as in 1996 I had another similar experience with 2 small greys in the middle of the night when they temporarily paralyzed me and shoved something up my nose. At that time I thought it might have been a terrifying nightmare but over the years I was shown footage of abduction accounts and realized they were very similar to my own experience and began to realize that those experiences were as real as they felt.

A couple days after this incident took place I had the intuition to check my body to see if there was any visible evidence from my experience. So just before I had a shower I had a look around my body and then I noticed an indentation on my mid-back right side just along my spine. It felt like a hole in my back with a layer of skin on top. It was something very unusual and an unlikely thing to find on your back. I feel some discomfort from it and it feels like a wound as though it is in the process of healing. It's like a piece of tissue beside my spine has been taken. I feel a metallic feel around it and it's slightly sensitive when I move or twist my back.

I asked my mother to take a picture of it as it is such an unusual thing to have on my body never seen before and it has a slight triangular red shape over the surface.

I felt a lot of anger from this experience. That I did not agree or give my permission to do what ever it is they are doing. I had to learn to just let it go and to not allow fear or anger to over take me. I do feel some fear going to bed now and have noticed I am going to bed a lot later staying up until 2am. My partner is away a lot so I am sleeping alone most nights. I wonder if he had been there sleeping beside me if these beings would have come?

I'm trying to have positive thoughts that maybe whatever these beings are doing to experiment with our DNA or embryos is for some greater good. I really hope so anyways!!

I have asked for a lot of protection around me. I have been fortunate to have had positive encounters with other ETs and have seen dozens of ufo sightings. I've had other encounters and have picture's of markings from an encounter in March 17, 2011 of which I took a sample of and is in my freezer.

This last experience was not at all good and I wonder if they truly were ETs or government posing as ETs? I'd love to go under hypnosis to know the truth. And for a doctor or specialists who is familiar with these type of extractions from the body to have a look at the indentation on my back.

Thanks for listening. I hope one day we will get more answers to what all these experiences mean. - MUFON


Elevator to the Past

“When I was fifteen, I was asked to drop something off at the old White Cross Building in downtown Lakewood, Ohio. When I got off on the top floor, I was unable to locate the office in question. Looking out the window at the end of the hallway, I saw a streetcar go by on Detroit Avenue, and noticed all the cars were 1920's and earlier vintage, and even saw a horse drawn cart of some sort. My blood pressure soared, and I suddenly had a bizarre feeling of being trapped. I ran back down the hall, and managed to catch the elevator just as the doors were beginning to close. When I got back to the lobby, everything was normal. I took the stairs back up to the top floor, and found the office I was looking for immediately. I also took the stairs back down.

To this day, I believe I had been transported back in time somehow. I also believe if I hadn't caught that elevator when I did, I would have been trapped in the past. Can I prove this actually happened? Absolutely not. Do I believe it actually happened? Absolutely. Can I explain it? Not for one second. But until the day that building was torn down, I never entered it again!”

Source: YT Comments, Bill Anthony

Beyond Creepy


I Stopped to Assist 3 Unknown Entities

Occurred : 6/12/2017 03:45 (Entered as : 06/12/17 3:45)
Reported: 6/15/2017 7:33:48 AM 07:33
Posted: 6/15/2017
Location: Fortuna, AZ
Shape: Unknown
Duration: 60 minutes

I'm not sure how this fits in but the experience has stayed with me; and I had to post something.

I am a long haul driver and was travelling east on Interstate 8, just east of Fortuna, Arizona. Having checked the clock, it was 3:45 AM when I alerted my partner to the presence of three or four individuals standing in the middle of the traffic lane. After sounding the truck horn, I began to slow our rig. Given the fact that the area is well known for human smuggling and is dangerous to travel, I wondered if, perhaps, we should keep going.

But, when it became apparent that at least three of the individuals were wearing some kind of uniform, I decided to stop along the right shoulder. Nevertheless, my second driver emerged from the sleeper with the shotgun that we carry. Both of us agreed that neither of us was going to step from the cab, and we kept the engine idling.

Three individuals walked slowly toward me, toward the driver's side of the cab. At about fifteen feet, I could tell that all three of them were suited, if you will, in some sort of gear. I wondered if the Marines, from the nearby Marine Corps air station, had crashed and were going to ask us for help.

As I lowered the driver's window, the shortest of the three, bundled in heavy white gear, with what looked like white armor around the chest, and a partial faceplate that emerged from below the chin, said to me, in perfect English, "Not to worry, we have a minor situation." He (it) motioned with his left arm toward the distance, off the highway. It was strange because neither my partner nor I saw anything as we approached the group but, sure enough, something was putting out intense red flames, maybe fifty feet off the right shoulder from where we were parked.

Before I could say anything, a triangle-shaped wedge of the landscape to our right, with the flames at the base of the triangle, rose up and sliced through the truck cab. For lack of a better description, I felt like I was looking at some kind of image--as it came through the cab. I mean, the individual who spoke to me appeared first on the left side near me, and then appeared on the right side, the raised side, then on both sides, which appeared raised.

My throat was so dry, my stomach in knots; honestly, I felt like I was going to heave. I figured we had it. Three individuals, two in white, wearing helmets, and one who appeared burned or blackened and without a helmet, appeared in the image to our right, as they made their way around chunks of rock, walking towards our cab. There was a lot of communication, like radio, between them, or between somebody.

The one who had spoken to me, after I had lowered the window, now sounded metallic. So I turned once again towards the voice, to my left again, toward the open window and he (or it) wasn't there. I turned toward my partner, in the right front seat, who was still cradling the shotgun, nothing. I mean, it was black. It was perfectly silent. There were no flames off to the right in the distance.

Our clock showed 5:15 AM, only the entire encounter felt like it had lasted fifteen minutes or so. I don't know what to claim. I stopped to assist several entities that appeared to be projected from somewhere; and I still feel nauseous. - NUFORC


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