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Daily 2 Cents: The Elf on the Shelf -- Implants in Leg? -- Strange Objects Over Lake Michigan

The Elf on the Shelf

“Here's a story you can use if you want. When I was very young, probably 7 or 8, I remember tossing and turning in my bed during the early morning. I opened my eyes for a split second while turning over like most people do, and I swear to god I saw a small gnome/gremlin-like creature sitting on my shelf watching me, illuminated by the bluish early morning light coming in through the windows. It was about 1 foot tall, grayish brown, wearing just a simple tunic on it's torso and that's it. It looked a bit like an elf from the Harry Potter movies, but they hadn't been released yet, so that image couldn't have been implanted in my brain, like if I was just dreaming this little creature was sitting there. I remember it was sitting with it's legs criss-crossed, with its right hand resting on it's left knee. It smiled at me, and waved very excitedly at me, and smiled a big toothy grin, like he was some long lost friend happy to see me.

Looking back on it, it seemed genuinely nice. I didn't sense any negativity or evil from it at all. I remember seeing it, knowing I was awake, and not thinking anything of it. Upon waking up though, I was creeped out. Did I really see that or was I just half asleep and still dreaming? In my area of New England, there are stories of Pukwudgies, which are from native American folklore. Basically small impish trickster type creatures. My father was also an avid collector of Native American artifacts like beads, pottery and arrowheads, so maybe it was some sort of forest spirit hanging out in my house.”

Source: YT Comments, Bill Wilson

Beyond Creepy


Implants in Leg?

Burnaby (Canada), BC: This is not a UFO sighting, but something I feel is related and very interesting. After watching a program about a man with something in his body, they extracted it and did not know what it was. I immediately recognized the object and even now, I am getting tingly just writing about it.

I was about 10 years old and I was rubbing my calfs with my hands as I felt something. I looked closer to find there was something imbedded in my right side of my leg below the knee. I tried to get a hold of it with my fingers, but it was too smooth and pointy to get a grip. My mother had a pair of tweezers close by. I propped my leg up on the bath tub. I pinched it with the tweezers and began to pull. I was shocked to see this thing in my leg being so long and pointy, yet I felt no pain. After I pulled it out, there was no blood, but only a hole. I looked at it closely and I can remember it being very similar to a thin yet long and pointy piece of rice. It had a gold/brown colour to it, and was very hard. I didn't think much of it at the time as I was only 10. the best is yet to come.

Frequently, over a couple of years, I marveled at the hole. I looked at it, felt it, and didn't go away. Another couple of years, I forgot about it. Then once again, I remembered it again. I looked at it and saw another object in the very same hole. I got up and looked for some tweezers. After finally finding some, I pulled it out again. It was identical to the one I pulled out the first time. Again, I was stupid and did not think to save the piece.

It has been about 20 years since I pulled the last one out, and still think of it. I still look at it, but it hasn't returned. The only thing I have left, is a grown in hole, that you still can see. I joke about it to the people I tell and even show them the hole. I tell them the people planting this "bug" on me, finally got sick and tired of me removing it. - NUFORC


Strange Objects Over Lake Michigan

"At the time, I worked in the US Bank Center overlooking Lake Michigan and the Port of Milwaukee Harbor. At about 2pm, looking south out over the harbor at the south shore of Milwaukee on a clear, sunny afternoon on 4/6/2018, I noticed what looked like either an extremely reflective object or the other alternative would be to describe it as a large ball of sparks descend from the sky, move along the tree line north to the south shore harbor where it descended further, skimmed across the water a short distance and then either descended into the water or simply burned out.

As I was trying to figure out what I had seen, I noticed another object which looked the same, perform almost the exact same maneuver. Then, in rapid succession I observed 2 or 3 other objects do the same thing.

The two most unusual aspects of the sighting were the very odd look of the objects and the way they cruised so closely (almost touching) the tree tops in a very populated area and then go in the water.

The closest explanation I can come up with is, that possibly they were flares, except for the fact that flares don't maneuver over tree tops like that and why would they be shot over a populated area in broad daylight?? Any explanation?" GG


Frozen in Time

“I had just bought these super powerful binoculars and was out on a full moon by a river just goofing around looking at stars and the moon. The moon was bright and above my head. But I got distracted by because is caught a whole slew of shooting stars going right past my view in the binoculars. They were amazing because the trail was very thick and persisted after it went by. I noticed that the trails looked like they were fake. Because the were so fat and crisp edges and just stayed there for like a second or two. Looked more like something I would see in a computer generated game. After they stopped coming. I got bored and tried to go back to looking at the moon. But it wasn't there!!!! I freaked a bit because I finally realized it was just going below the horizon!!! That means I have been staring at the stars holding these heavy binoculars up for 5 or more hours!!! After pondering on this for a year. I have come to the conclusion that I was frozen in time and those comets I saw were not real but I was being fed some sort of delusion and I was being messed with all that time, but I was in my own little Dreamland thinking I am still doing what I was doing. What gave it away was the unrealistic comet trails. I am now afraid to go out by myself into desolate areas for fear that it will happen again. My theory is we get zapped all the time but we never detect it because we hallucinate a reality to fill in the blanks.”

Source: YT Comments, Barnaby Jones

Beyond Creepy


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