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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

UFOs, Unknown Entities & Bizarre Aerial Phenomena

“In 1988 I was 6 years old, my family and I lived in the country. Surrounded by Indiana cornfields our nearest neighbors were probably a quarter mile away with a field separating us. I remember waking up in the middle of the night by lights flashing in my room. As my eyes adjusted to the room, I noticed outside my bedroom window something was floating above our neighbor's house. It was a craft that had counter rotating lights of every color of the rainbow. I laid in my bed paralleled by fear, unable to move or scream.

Fast forward twenty years later I casually bring it up to my mom in conversation. What she said shocked me. She told me that the next day I said 'Mommy, something scared me!' she asked what, so I told her. I was not an overly imaginative kid. So my mom was really taken aback, it freaked her and my dad out so much they actually went out in the field to look for tire tracks, thinking I seen a combine or something. Needless to say the didn't find anything.”

Source: Youtube comment, TOTALLY not A COP


“In Brampton, Ontario a few friends ans I observed a bright light that we first thought was the moon, but the moon was behind us. This was 1997 and this thing was so damn bright and went behind a cloud and blinked out. Even back then I had knowledge of Men in Black and convinced my friends to not alert any authorities or media about this. Now I'm even more grateful since I heard this story how the guy didn't even report his sighting. Now get this. My friend who saw this with me claimed he got a phone call in the middle of the night that made beeps and an eerie howling sound. He hung up and told me that he doesn't know why but his mind was 100% convinced the call had something to do with the light.”

Source: Youtube comments, Joseph Montague


“During the 1990s drug wars, my team and I saw a spaceship or anti-gravity craft in the Colombian jungle while tracking coca farms and traffickers. My unit was at the edge of the river with a group of 30 men...26 Colombian commandos, including myself and 4 US adviser/DEA around 0600 hrs. When all of the sudden a craft the size of a school bus rose right out of the water and just hovered around 50 yds in front of us. It then proceeded to scan our entire group with some kind of laser/light and then slowly tilted 90 degrees and shot up into what I can only assume was the stratosphere in the blink of an sound, no smell, just gone. No one talked about it for about 45 mins and then reality set in on the amazing event that had taken place. I'll cut my story short but not everyone saw a spaceship...some of the men saw a golden orb, while others saw angelic vision. That was our last mission as a unit...transfers and relocations followed."

Source: Youtube comments, MA


“In 1995, in Great Falls, Montana, near the Malmstrom AFB, my children and I watched four bright white orbs in a line racing in the sky, stop immediately then veered off straight up into the sky at an unbelievable speed. After that, three more white orbs raced horizontally across the midnight sky, stop immediately, then also took off straight up into the sky also at an unbelievable speed. My son looked at me and said 'Mom we just witnessed UFOs either abducting people or dropping off people.'”

Source: Youtube comments, WW Smith


“So here's something weird. In June of 1996, 2 friends and I saw something we cannot explain. I'm not sure if it was the 26th of June, but I do know it was a week or 2 after the school year ended on June 12th. It happened just north of Lancaster, Ohio, which is about 10 minutes from Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and it was headed toward Reynoldsburg.

We were driving around on some country back roads to find a place to stop and roll a joint. We found a house that looked to be abandoned, and it had a fairly long driveway, so we stopped there. It was about 11:00, there were no other cars around, and the closest street light was literally miles away. As I'm rolling the joint my friend in the passenger seat said, "Hey look, that star is moving". To which myself and the friend in my backseat replied something like, "Yeah right, are you already high or just retarded." About a minute later he said the 'star' was moving again, but this time the guy in my backseat said 'Holy sh*t it is moving, and it kinda looks like its getting bigger.' That got my attention, and at this point we could see that this was not a star. There were a few different colored lights on it. It was moving very slow, and it was headed in our general direction.

So we decided to drive down the road a few hundred yards to get in a position where this thing would go right over us. By this time we could see that this thing was only about 100-150 ft off the ground, and we only had to move about 50 yards to get into position. So maybe it was coming toward us, being that we were the only moving lights for a couple miles in all directions. We had the windows down, and as it got closer we realized we couldn't hear any sound coming from it. So in disbelief I decided to turn the car off so we could hear better. That's when things became weird.

It was within 50 yards from us, with zero sound, less than 100 feet off the ground, and it was only going about 5 MPH. At that point there was a lot of yelling in the car that went something like 'What the F%$k is that!?' repeated many many times by all of us. As it silently traveled directly over us it was difficult to make out the definitive shape of the craft, but along with the white light on top of the craft, there were also dim yellow, orange, blue, and green lights on the bottom of it. It went over us slowly then passed over a dense tree line of large pine trees on the left side of the road. I started the car and went as fast as I could to the end of the tree line, so we could look back and watch it as it flew away. As we passed the tree line we could see the craft again, but in those 15 seconds it was out of view, it went so far that it almost looked like a star again.

That night the 3 of us went from not really believing UFOs existed, to being very interested in UFOs. We aren't too far from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, so we always thought maybe it was just an experimental craft, that came from there, but who knows. Looking back, the big regret is that we didn't get out of the car as it passed over us, to get an even better look at it. Instead we were three 'big tough football players' in a car freaking out.”

Source: Youtube comments, Cosmo Vedder

All information provided by Beyond Creepy


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