Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Strange 'Men' Ruin Sasquatch Encounter

Author Kirk Sigurdson spoke of a Bigfoot sighting he had in the late 2000s, in the woods near Crescent City, California. Even stranger is what happened next:

“Speaking of this terrible thing that happened. So there's this Bigfoot starting to come up the bank and I look in my rear view and this car, you know, this is a fairly deserted... I mean it was a paved stretch of road and in the summer, you know, you might get cars going up and down more. But this time of year it was very deserted and I saw maybe three or four cars go down this road over the course of like four hours or something. So it was pretty deserted and also it was in the middle of the week.

So anyway the guy, he had some kind of a... this is a weird thing, it looked like a strobe device from when I used to scuba dive with my dad, we didn't have a strobe. We weren't... I didn't... it wasn't a photography type.. it looked like a diving light, essentially, with a pistol grip and I don't even think they make diving lights like that anymore. It was big and bulky like I used to use when I was a kid when I was ship to ship diving, you know, with my dad out in Pugent Sound. So he pulls this thing out of the window and flashes down toward the Sasquatch. The Sasquatch has an immediate reaction when the light goes out over the swamp and this is, like, just around just after dusk. It's pretty... it's getting dark. It's not completely dark yet and the thing bellows and takes off across the swamp. I can hear it running out across the swamp until it gets a fair distance away. Now I thought these guys were Bigfooters and I was pissed because I had spent a lot of time and, you know, it's not just a couple of days of Bigfooting. I mean it's rare to get a good experience like that where you bring one in like that. Even in my whole career Bigfooting it's rare and so it was also a question of just circumstance and luck and a lot of other factors and I was just, like, oh my god, these guys just ruined one of the best chances I had for an encounter, you know, in a controlled situation where I'm inside a vehicle, which is even more rare.

I had rolled the window up because I was scared a little bit, you know, because the thing's coming up the bank and it was coming toward my Jeep so these guys then proceeded to pull up next to me and they are in this like old-style late 1970s compact Japanese style vehicle. It looked like a Datsun or an early Toyota and, I don't know if they made Toyotas back then, maybe a Honda. It actually looked like a Datsun, frankly, which I know most people haven't even heard of. That's what it looked like and these guys, I got a good look at them. They had high cheekbones. They had a very kind of a gold complexion, like, when, I, you know I'm Scandinavian? So when I was in Iceland, I saw a few people with this complexion. There are humans with this complexion and it's very unusual and I think the Icelanders even have a special kind of phrase for it because it's attractive but it's weird. It's just very gold and mixed with the light colored hair and the high cheekbones and these guys were handsome but, like, they just... the guy in the passenger side looked at me like I was a bug or something. Like I was just the most vile annoying zoo animal or something that was out a line, that required intervention or whatever. And so they had light colored eyes, not piercingly light blue eyes but, you know, kind of light brown hair, cut fairly short. They were wearing matching... it looked like plaid shirts that looked kind of well pressed and most plaid is kind of rumpled. People don't wear it pressed. So it was kind of weird. They were way too big for the vehicle. They were just huge in that they dwarfed the vehicle inside. I don't know how big they were, it's hard to tell but, you know, well over 6 feet tall.

And so this guy proceeds to take out his diving light thing and, I know this sounds ridiculous because it sounds like 'Men In Black (the movie)' but it really happened. And he points it at me and I looked away thinking I'd be okay but it reflected off the foliage on the other side of my Jeep and blinded me. And this is the weird thing, so it it blinds me but, you know, normally if you look at a light bulb or something weird... you look at the Sun, I don't know, you get blinded for a second but I just remember, like, when I looked up they were already way up on this little bridge flashing out over the swamp. So I don't know how much time had elapsed but then I honestly can't remember what happened. I try to remember but it seems like they might have come and parked behind me and I took off or I drove around them when they were on the bridge. I can't honestly remember. It wasn't that long ago so it's disturbing that I can't remember what happened. I just remember driving really fast back to Crescent City to a motel and checking in and my left eye was just killing me and it felt like I had a sty at it or something, and I'm not prone to that. Since it happened I've been getting these little sores in the corner of that eye, periodically, and it even makes my eye twitch. And so that night I just, yeah, I am... I couldn't sleep and I couldn't eat, I couldn't hold down fluids and, anyway, I don't like talking about it. It just put a real kink in my Bigfooting experiences after that I just kind of quit doing it.”

Source: Darkness Radio - April 23, 2014

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