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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Daily 2 Cents: Rancid 'Spring-Heeled Jack' -- 'There is something out there' -- White Wings on Flying Being

Rancid 'Spring-Heeled Jack'

Jack wrote in about his Spring-Heeled Jack sighting:

“I was stationed in Germany over 4 years in 2005 with my now ex-wife. We spent the night in the turret of a castle ruin. Though the castle itself was quiet and calm, there was a large bonfire being held in the adjacent castle ruin. I awoke and went down to the courtyard and outside the walls of the ruins to relieve myself. I was quite startled to see a figure very similar to Spring-Heeled Jack with its back to me, standing on the wall along the path leading down into the ruins. Without turning around or acknowledging my presence, it raised its left arm, pointing almost straight up to the sky. I blinked and it was gone. This thing cast no shadow and on the other side of the wall was a cliff. What I remember most is the smell of rancid leather. Like an old saddle that's been cleaned and put up after being ridden hard on a sweaty horse.”

Source: Ground Zero Radio With Clyde Lewis - May 1, 2014

Beyond Creepy


White Wings on Flying Being

Nederland, TX - 2018-01-23: My sighting is actually multiple sightings. I live near an airport so planes are a given. But what I can only describe as huge "winged" and sometimes "orb" shaped entities are always flying and hovering over my neighborhood! I see them when I go back through my sky watching videos and it's incredible! Some things you just have to see to believe. I would really like to know what's going on! Can you guys help me? - MUFON


'There is something out there'

Los Angeles, CA - 2001-10-20: So this is how it all started for me. I was 7 years old in my bedroom at night watching Southpark @9pm. I was sitting on my bedroom floor with my back up against my bed. Just as the intro started to play I heard this hum that got louder and louder. I noticed that a blinding white light was coming from the cracks of my door. All of a sudden the door slowly opened and the light filled my room. It was the brightest light I've ever seen. It blinded me. For some reason I remember thinking it was my mother so I reached up to put my hand up to grab her but my arm felt like it was a million pounds and I collapsed. I never saw an entity (this time) but then I totally blacked out.

Next thing I know I'm right back where I was when I was watching TV only I remember thinking I should've been on the ground slumped over because I collapsed. But I was back in place where I was before I saw the light. I looked up at my train clock and it was 230am. I remember it didn't feel like 5hrs had passed, it felt like it had been seconds since I saw the light and heard that hum. Looked down at both arms and they were covered in bruises and scratch marks on my forearms. I felt exhausted. Like there's no way I had just been asleep. I felt like I had run a marathon.

After that night I had hundreds of experiences similar to this. Sleep paralysis as well but those experiences were vastly different from the abduction-esque phenomena. It all came to an abrupt stop when I was 13. That's a whole different story in and of itself. I've always been troubled by this. I want to know what happened that night. To all who have open minds know that there is something out there. What it is exactly I don't know. But it's something real. Rest assured. - MUFON


Missing Time After Triangular UFO Encounter

Manchester, UK - 1985-07-16: It was a pleasant summer evening, I was with my mother as we had been to visit a friend of hers she met in hospital. We stayed a while and then at around 9pm we caught the bus to go home. It was a short walk, maybe half a mile, from the bus stop to our home and this is when we first saw the object. A perfect triangle, all white and lit, just sitting there in the sky above some fields at the back of our home. We spotted it and chatted about it as we walked, and when we got into the house we immediately went to the back door with a view directly over the fields to continue watching/looking. I should think that this was just after 9.30pm. aAs far as we are aware, we stood looking at it, talking about what it possibly was, until it suddenly seemed to shrink to a bright dot (probably flying directly away from us). Once it was distant but still visible, it shot straight up at incredible speed and was gone. I know we stood there for a few minutes, not saying anything, and then suddenly dad was home from the pub and it was after 11pm. We had only been stood at the door watching for minutes, not over an hour? We both still remember it well. - MUFON


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